Ant Borrowed to Launch “Loan Cooling-off Period”

YJB launched a popular poll on loan cooling-off period for users, so as to solicit users’ opinions on loan cooling-off period services. This page was placed at the bottom of the loan page. After the voting was initiated, millions of users participated in the discussion. The voting results showed that more than 80% of users were supportive. In response, the Ant Group replied: It is evaluating feasible solutions for this type of function and will announce the progress as soon as possible.

According to the registration application report,

Ants said that Centaline Consumer Finance had taken the lead in launching the concept of “repayment without reason within 7 days”. The borrower repays the loan in advance within 7 days of the first borrowing, and the platform does not charge any fees. From a functional point of view, the “7-day repayment without reason” is like a loan cooling-off period equity, which allows borrowers to have one more choice when making loans and consume more rationally. Through the solicitation of opinions, it is very likely that Borbai will also launch a similar loan cooling-off period service.

According to the introduction on the voting page of the borrowing platform, the “7-day loan cooling-off period” is mainly set for new users.

Regarding the “7-day loan period” of ant borrowing, the industry has doubted that the method of ant borrowing may be more gimmick than substance, and it is a new marketing method. This feature will inevitably be targeted by the “loan” army, which will put a certain pressure on the platform’s risk control.

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