“Xiangshuai Wealth Report” Sharing Session

Information Times (Reporter Chen Chuan, Intern Zeng Yihua) Do you want to buy a house? Where can I buy it? What is the status of the A-share market? How should family investment be allocated? What impact does the general environment have on personal investment? A few days ago, financial scholar Xiang Shuai held an offline sharing session of his new book “Xiang Shuai Wealth Report” in Guangzhou Yanyouji·K11 Bookstore to communicate face-to-face with readers on how to plan family wealth and make correct investment choices.

"Xiangshuai Wealth Report" Sharing Session

The sharing session of the new book “Xiangshuai Wealth Report” was held in Guangzhou. Photo courtesy of the organizer

“Many friends ask if they can buy a house or where to buy a house. In fact, buying a house is the same as buying stocks in a sense. What you buy is growth, and it is the future cash flow that this asset brings to you.” Question, Xiang Shuai proposed that “buying a house is also buying growth.” That is to say, a house is like a stock in a sense, and people have to consider the future cash flow brought by the house as an asset. Where to buy a house? Xiang Shuai suggested, “In the long run, in a place like Guangzhou, it is a slightly slower-paced city, so rents are more important. If rents rise fast, the ratio of rent-to-sales will come down faster. Don’t look at the current situation. Look at a dynamic rent-to-sale ratio, so be sure to pick a place with a fast rent increase.”

Xiangshuai also analyzed the impact of education and medical factors on the trend of housing prices in Guangzhou and Shenzhen based on the data given in the “Xiangshuai Wealth Report”. Xiangshuai said: “Hospitals and education are a very big advantage for Guangzhou in the long run. It cannot be stewed by fast fire, but slow fire. This is something that requires historical accumulation and a long time to accumulate.”

“It is meaningful to say that the topic of housing or not to speculate in the next ten years is meaningful, but it is also right to say that you want to buy a house in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.” Xiangshuai’s judgment is that in the next ten years, I believe that some good products will be released in the Chinese market. For enterprises, if China can continue to grow, it must no longer be urbanization to grow, but high-quality Chinese enterprises will carry it. There must be investment in this, “If you don’t have a house, you can save money to buy it. When your family Wealth assets have arrived. For example, there are 5 million family assets, and there is a small house in a small city, accounting for 50%. It is possible to consider moving to a big city because it has a higher growth rate.”

Xiang Shuai believes that Guangzhou’s age population structure is particularly young, and this age group means competition for educational resources. The most important consumption of a family is education, which is also the most important asset of the family. In the long run, hospitals and education are very big advantages of Guangzhou. It is a slow fire, and it is something that requires historical accumulation and a long time to accumulate.

When talking about how to make future investment judgments, Xiangshuai analyzed the issues of real estate investment in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the potential of China’s labor force and enterprises, and the value of Bitcoin from the long-term and short-term perspectives. Xiangshuai also made a judgment that China’s A-share market has entered a state of “three highs” of high differentiation, high volatility, and high valuation. What is high volatility? It means that it will jump up and down. High differentiation means that even when the bear market is too low to fall, there are still many opportunities to make money. There is a word called “bull bear”, that is, the head of a cow and the body of a bear. This is the case with high differentiation. The market is always dividing. It is difficult to use a concept to say that there is a bear market or a bull market. You can still lose money in a bull market and you can make money in a bear market. And what comes with high differentiation is high valuation.

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