What happens if I get a loan?

Online loans are nothing new now. Many people choose loans when funds are tight. Some people have a fluke mentality, thinking that they will take a loan once, and if they uninstall the software, others will not be able to find it.

What happens if I get a loan?

This kind of thinking is naive. There is no free lunch in the world, and all borrowed money has to be returned. If you continue to fail to repay, it may cause serious consequences.

On the Internet, if the loan is not repaid, it will be profitable first, leading to more and more debts. In addition, you may receive SMS call reminders. If you do not repay the loan, the staff of the lending institution will continue to send text messages and phone calls to the arrears.

Call dunning does not work, may come to dunning. If the borrower does not repay the loan for a long time, it is a very common phenomenon that the staff will come to find someone to supervise the debtor to repay the loan.

In addition, if there are funds in the personal bank account, the system will directly deduct the arrears. If there is a guarantor at the time of the loan, the bank or lending institution that the debtor does not repay will directly find the guarantor to make the repayment.

If none of the above methods can recover the loan, the bank will continue to urge the loan. If the debtor refuses to repay the loan, the bank will sue to the court, and after winning the case, it will apply to the court for enforcement. When accepting compulsory enforcement, the court will inquire about real estate, vehicles, securities and deposits under the name of the lender in accordance with the law. If the lender has no property available for execution and refuses to fulfill the effective judgment of the court, negative information such as overdue repayment is recorded in the personal credit report, high consumption and entry and exit are restricted, and may even be subject to judicial detention.

In short, if you do not repay the loan, the lending institution will urge you until it is paid. If he refuses to repay the loan with a strong attitude, he may also be detained by justice. So, don’t think about not repaying the borrowed money, you must repay the loan on time. Even if it is overdue, you must quickly repay the arrears so as not to roll over.

Warm reminder: When choosing a lending institution, you must choose a formal lending institution.

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