Going to catch up with Bezos again!

The stock price can be said to be the decisive factor for the fame of the world’s richest man. On Tuesday, Tesla’s stock price soared by 20%, so that the gap between Musk and the world’s richest man Bezos suddenly narrowed.

Three consecutive weeks of decline caused the Nasdaq 100 index to fall 11% from its high point. US technology stocks rebounded strongly on Tuesday, pushing up almost all the constituent stocks of the index.

On Tuesday, Tesla soared 19.64%, the largest increase in more than a year. Coupled with the rebound of Bitcoin, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index showed that Musk’s net worth soared by US$25 billion to US$174 billion in one day.

Going to catch up with Bezos again!

At the same time, the rise in Amazon’s stock price also brought Bezos $6 billion in revenue, bringing his net worth to $180 billion.


Now, the net worth of these two big brothers differs by less than $6 billion.

In addition, Bloomberg data shows that the top 10 leaders on the wealth list added 54 billion US dollars in wealth that day, and they all came from the technology industry. Pinduoduo founder Huang Zheng also increased his wealth by almost the same amount as Bezos.

Going to catch up with Bezos again!

In January of this year, Musk’s wealth once reached 210 billion US dollars, surpassing Bezos to win the top spot of the world’s richest man in one fell swoop.

However, as Tesla’s stock price fell as much as 36%, Bezos regained the title of the world’s richest man.

Today, this situation may be reversed.

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