Solve user pain points, GF Credit Card

With the popularization of the concept of early consumption, credit cards have gradually become the standard for new white-collar workers. There are many users in this group who have deposits and have financial habit. On the one hand, they attach importance to the efficiency of funds, but on the other hand, they are unwilling to spend their energy on the matter of “recording the repayment date”. Once the wealth management funds are slowly withdrawn to the account, it may cause the repayment to be overdue. Once the credit investigation and the problem arises, it will cause trouble for future mortgage and car loan applications.

Paying attention to the financial needs and repayment pain points of credit card users, GF Credit Card launched the financial product “Fada Wallet” on Discovery Wonderful APP, starting from the user experience and helping users avoid the trouble of remembering the repayment date while ensuring its Maximize the benefit of funds. A few days ago, FaDa Wallet was introduced through an interesting scene video.

Solve user pain points, GF Credit Card

(Video) Fada Wallet is a new wealth management product that integrates multiple functions such as optimal wealth management, flexible deposit and withdrawal, and automatic card return. The wealth management funds in the wallet can be automatically repaid on the repayment day without manual transfer. At present, the wealth management products in Fada Wallet cover cargo-based, stock-based, debt-based, bank financing, etc. Users can choose from them according to their risk tolerance, investment preferences, and income expectations.

According to the product page of GF Credit Card Discovery Wonderful APP, Fada Wallet has also prepared a “wealth management package” for newcomers at the end of 2020. New users who open Fada Wallet can receive 888 GF points, and they can also receive extra points for completing other tasks. The points can be used to redeem airline mileage, 50% off meal tickets, GF Mall coupons and other benefits. In addition, if the financial management reaches a certain amount, you can receive a repayment amount ranging from 30 to 450 yuan for consumption by credit card, which is used as a deduction when repayment.

It can be seen that with in-depth insights into user needs, Fada Wallet has achieved refined operation in user experience, which is also the embodiment of the service concept of GF Credit Card Discovery Wonderful APP. Not long ago, GF Credit Card held the Discovery App 5.0 Ecological Strategy Conference, focusing on the layout of the consumption ecology, allowing users to complete one-stop consumption such as travel, shopping, and catering through Discovery App. From the industry’s point of view, the purpose of GF Credit Card to create an ecosystem through discovery is very clear, which is to continuously add features that interest users, so that they can get a better experience.

The “2020 New White-collar Consumer Behavior Research Report” released by GF Credit Card Discovery App and iResearch shows that 70.4% of new white-collar workers use credit cards, and 46.9% of consumer expenditures are paid by credit cards. In 2020, credit card apps are used on average every month The attendance increased by 29%. As a gathering place for new white-collar workers, the credit card APP is responsible for the mission of providing efficient and convenient comprehensive services. GF Credit Card Fada Wallet’s operating ideas have highlighted the potential of this subdivision of credit card supporting wealth management products.

By helping users improve capital efficiency and get through the repayment process, more and more card owners will develop the habit of using credit card wealth management products such as Fada Wallet. On the other hand, as users get a variety of high-quality experiences in service modules including Fada Wallet, their stickiness to find wonderful credit card apps will also increase. From the epitome of Fada Wallet, it can be seen that in the current credit card market scenario layout, traffic capture and user experience competition, GF Credit Card has been deeply cultivated.

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