300,000 cash, don’t deposit “regular” in the bank anymore

Chinese residents have always liked deposits. At present, the overall domestic savings rate is as high as 45%, which means that the overall savings rate has only fallen by 5% during the 10-year development. It can be seen how reliable the money bags of domestic residents are, especially after the epidemic, more people have a stronger awareness of deposits. Many people used to deposit money in Yu’E Bao, but now more people choose to trust banks, banks have become “darlings” again, and many people have begun to deposit money from online wealth management products in banks. , So why is there such a change?

don’t deposit “regular” in the bank anymore

Banks, as the main storage financial institutions, have high security. They can pay 500,000 yuan or less. In addition, banks have good interest rates. Therefore, it is normal for banks to become the main choice for young people. Among them, fixed deposits guarantee the principal and interest. However, after the central bank issued a large deposit certificate in 2015, the bank’s fixed deposits were once “neglected”, especially those with deposits of more than 200,300,000 yuan. At that time, the minimum deposit requirement was 300,000 yuan, and individual banks would fine-tune it according to their own circumstances. If your deposit allocation is reasonable, it is very possible to earn higher interest. A bank manager once said that if you have a deposit of 300,000 yuan, using these methods to deposit, it is easy to reach an annual interest of 10,000 yuan.


In fact, there are many differences in bank deposit methods. Many people do not understand large deposits and large deposit certificates. The former is a customer who deposits 50,000 yuan at a time, and the latter is a time deposit model with a higher threshold. The threshold for large deposit certificates depends on the bank. Some banks have a deposit threshold of 200,000 yuan, and some start at 300,000 yuan. Large deposit certificates are very different from previous time deposits. For example, the one-time deposit limit is an integer multiple of 10,000 yuan, which can deposit 300,000 yuan but not 305,000 yuan. It seems that there are more restrictive conditions, but compared to fixed deposits, its advantages are much higher.


The deposit period for large deposit certificates is 1 month, half a year, one year, 18 months, etc. If you are in a hurry to spend money, you can withdraw it in advance, and the interest will be calculated based on your deposit period. Suppose you want to deposit 300,000, with a deposit period of three years, but after 2 years and 10 months you need to withdraw money urgently. At this time, the interest will be calculated on a 2.5-year regular and 4-month current period, so that everyone’s loss will be reduced. Ordinary periodic interest rates are not high. The interest rate rises on the basis of the benchmark interest rate, usually by 40%. However, large deposit certificates will rise by more than 50%. If the principal is high and the deposit period is long, the interest rate will be even more. The CCB 300,000 3-year interest rate is 4.125%, and the interest rate is RMB 12,375 per year. The interest rate of small commercial banks can be above 4.2%, and the interest earned is higher.


Under normal circumstances, each bank’s large deposit certificate interest rate will be higher than the fixed deposit interest rate. For example, if the central bank’s benchmark interest rate is the standard, the fixed deposit interest rate can rise by 40%, and the large deposit certificate can rise by about 50%. The simple truth is that the more the principal and the longer the time, the higher the interest will be. The first term deposit certificate of China Construction Bank, the first deposit is 300,000 yuan, and the 3-year interest rate has reached 4.12%, so there will be 12375 interest every year. Some small commercial banks can reach 4.2%, is it easy to earn more than 10,000 yuan a year?

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