Are there any “feelings” in the bank’s “fixed” deposits?

Nowadays, as our country’s economy takes off, people’s lives are getting better and better, and their wallets are naturally getting bigger and bigger. Most people like to deposit part of their money in the bank, not only safe but also earning a sum of interest. Everyone knows that the interest rate of demand deposits is relatively low, so more people like to choose fixed deposits for their spare money!

Are there any "feelings" in the bank's "fixed" deposits?

Among the many products of the bank, the fixed deposit has always been the product with the largest audience. Even in 2014, when the 7-day annualized rate of return of Yu’ebao reached its peak, which was 6%, although many people chose to keep their money in the balance Bao, but there are still a lot of people who choose to stay, so what is the “sickness” of staying that keeps these people unmoved? Even in 2020, will it still be the case? In this regard, the bank staff also gave the answer!


Bank time deposits can definitely be said to be one of the most traditional financial products. Judging from the current interest rate tables of major state-owned banks, the one-year interest rate is 1.75%, the two-year interest rate is 2.25%, and the three-year and five-year interest rates are 2.75%. In addition, if the time deposit is withdrawn in advance, the interest loss will be very large. The interest rate is only calculated according to the current interest rate. It can be said that the income is not high, and the loss of early withdrawal is still very large.


When it expires after three years, a bank will automatically transfer it for you (principal + interest). The specific interest rate is not based on the interest rate you deposited for the first time, but based on the annualized interest rate at the time of maturity. If you forget to get it back after maturity, and the interest rate drops a lot at that time, you will lose a lot of interest income.


So we must be very clear, especially the elderly should not be tempted when they hear about how tall and how tall they are. Again, risk and return coexist, and the higher the return, the greater the risk! You cannot blindly pursue high returns, but also consider the risks you can bear.

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