How to solve the difficulty of farmers’ loans?

The State Council Information Office held a press conference to promote the high-quality development of the banking and insurance industry. In response to a question from a cover news reporter, Agricultural Bank of China Chairman Gu Shu said that the Agricultural Bank of China has made a lot of efforts to solve the problem of financial availability for rural households, especially in difficult areas.

How to solve the difficulty of farmers' loans?

Cover news reporter asks questions. Image source: State Council Information Office website

Gu Shu said that the “three rural” services must be grounded and have wings. These wings are the wings of science and technology. Mainly reflected in channel innovation and product innovation. One is channel innovation. To sink and strengthen the construction of offline physical outlets means to further build outlets in counties and towns, and at the same time increase the promotion of mobile banking in rural areas. Mobile banking is very common in cities. The next step is to make mobile banking more in line with the needs of rural areas and farmers.



He introduced that at the end of last year, ABC had registered 165 million customers for mobile banking in counties, and its monthly active customers were close to 50 million. This year, we will further increase efforts in this area to allow farmers to obtain financial services more conveniently and quickly.

Gu Shu said that it is necessary to focus on effectively linking financial services to poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. In 832 national poverty alleviation key counties, the Agricultural Bank of China will not reduce its credit strength in 2021, and the loan growth rate of poverty alleviation counties will continue to exceed the average growth rate of loans of the whole bank. In terms of modern agriculture and rural industries, the Agricultural Bank of China plans to focus on the national food security industry belt, the construction of high-standard farmland, and the turnaround of the seed industry. These three areas are financial support. The balance of loans in the field of food security is currently 160 billion yuan, and plans to invest more than 60 billion yuan this year.

In addition, the Agricultural Bank of China will increase credit allocation around the primary processing and intensive processing of specialty agricultural products. The Central Rural Work Conference pointed out that the main body of the industrial chain should be kept at the county level, and the benefits of the value chain should be reserved for farmers. In terms of rural construction, the Agricultural Bank of China will focus on 11 key areas of national rural agricultural investment, and continue to increase support for eligible rural areas such as “water, electricity, gas, and gas houses”. The Agricultural Bank of China’s rural construction loans have exceeded 1 trillion yuan. Yuan, the next step will be to further increase the investment to ensure that the growth rate of loans does not decline.

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