The post-epidemic era opens a new chapter in wealth management

Recently, the United States News released a comprehensive top ten list of the world’s best countries. Switzerland ranked first, surpassing Canada, the United States and other countries. According to U.S. News’ selection criteria, Switzerland ranks among the best in respect of property rights, trustworthiness, business transparency, legal framework, low bureaucracy, low corruption, preferential taxation, transparent government behavior, economic stability, and political stability.

Since 2004, the World Economic Forum will publish a global competitiveness report every year. Coincidentally, since 2009, Switzerland has been repeatedly ranked first by the World Economic Forum in the ranking of global competitiveness countries. This ranking is based on the Global Competitiveness Index and consists of three sub-indexes: basic, efficiency, and innovation. The three sub-indices are built on 12 pillars, and the bottom is 114 specific indicators.

In a financially developed country like Switzerland, wealth management has become an increasingly global integrated industry. It is reported that AIWM (International Wealth Management Institute) is a global non-profit wealth management professional organization headquartered in Switzerland. It is qualified to issue AWM® (Swiss Certified Wealth Manager) and CIWM® (Swiss Certified International Wealth Management) Division) certification certificate.

In China, the wealth management industry has been in a tepid state. Until the outbreak of the epidemic, people’s financial management concepts gradually changed from the idea of ​​“making big money” and “making quick money” to “keeping a prison” and “good management”. The wealth management industry is at a turning point in its destiny.

In today’s wealth management market in China, the image of “the little lotus is just showing its sharp horns, and the dragonfly stands on its head” image describes the current situation of the wealth management industry. The foundation has just been laid, and the concept of “wealth management” has spread all over the land of China. Many institutions are gearing up to recruit troops and want to be the first to seize this opportunity to show their talents. However, in the eyes of Chinese customers, the perception of wealth managers still remains on the concept of “product sales”.

In today’s China, the most urgent task is to clean up wealth management, get rid of chaos, improve the education and training of wealth management practitioners, and train people’s financial quotient.

It is precisely because of this that many professional institutions have begun to cooperate with foreign countries, introducing mature and professional wealth management training systems, and launching a two-pronged business of training and certification. Financial practitioners and student parties are also looking for the door to enter the wealth management industry, so that the acquisition of professional certificates and the certification of professional talents are slowly becoming popular in China.

Common professional certificates currently include: CFP (Certified Financial Planner) established by FPSB (Financial Planning Standards Board) in the United States; CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment in the United Kingdom) established by the British CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment) ICEM (International Certificate of Wealth Management); Swiss AIWM (Association of International Wealth Management, International Wealth Management) established CIWM® Swiss Certified International Wealth Manager (Certified International Wealth Manager). These internationally recognized wealth manager certificates have been sought after by many people in the industry.

Take the certification system of the AIWM International Wealth Management Institute as an example. If you want to get a Swiss-certified CIWM® Certified International Wealth Manager in China, you must pass the JWM® Junior Wealth Manager (Junior Wealth Manager). Manager) and AWM® Swiss Certified Wealth Manager (Associate Wealth Manager).

It is reported that students who have the CIWM® Swiss Certified International Wealth Manager Certificate are eligible to engage in wealth management related work in Switzerland. In addition, this certificate is equivalent to a master’s degree in Switzerland, and can be exchanged for credits with Swiss universities and successfully graduated from Swiss universities.

Similarly, certification organizations such as FPSB and ICWM also follow the standardized principles of knowledge expansion, difficulty level division, and grading acquisition of certification certificates in their respective systems to ensure the professional level of certificate holders and improve certification. The gold content.

As China’s capital market gradually matures and the certification of wealth managers becomes more complete, people will be more inclined to hand over their money to professional institutions. By then, the wealth management industry will usher in a major explosion.

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