How is such a ruling likely to bring stability to Americans

Demonstrations broke out in almost every city in the country, many of which turned violent. A large number of shops were smashed and looted, and the police station where Officer Floyd was killed on his knees was set ablaze.

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The images of the flames became the best evidence of the worst national race riot in 30 years.

The social crisis led to a political crisis. Large crowds of protesters besieged the White House, and Trump, who has been advocating repression, hid in an underground bunker at one point, earning him the nickname “Old Bunker Boy”.The image of him stepping out of the White House in a mess has become a hallmark of his presidency.

Now, the Biden era.

But how is such a ruling likely to bring stability to Americans?

Even New York’s attorney-general is outraged, not to mention ordinary people.

So what happens next?I can imagine that.

1. Mass protests.

To see Americans who have sworn: We will not forget, we will not forgive…According to the New York Times, some public buildings in Rochester have been urgently reinforced.

2. Spread across the country.

America’s path to justice is blocked.That has no way, small trouble small solution, big trouble big solution, no trouble no solution.I still remember that after Freud was killed on his knees last year, some Americans lamented that Freud’s death was just like the knee on the neck of all the black Americans.Therefore, a large number of people took to the streets, with the street movement to force judicial reform.

But Rome wasn’t built overnight, and change won’t be easy.

That means, if not handled properly, we could expect to see more fire, more looting, and even more bloodshed in American cities for some time to come.

Alas, with flags at half-staff at the White House, beautiful scenery is about to happen again in America.

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