The family called the police for help and quickly arrived

Flags at the White House are flying at half-staff for the fifth day in a row.

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Remember, a month ago, the day before Biden was sworn in, he made a special trip to mourn the 400,000 Americans who had died of the epidemic, saying: In order to heal, we must remember.

A month later, the death toll passed half a million.Biden ordered the nation’s flags to fly at half-staff.

Half a million lives!But there is always a sense that Americans seem numb to pain at this point.

Right now, one of the things Americans are most angry about is the unnatural death of a black man. Ninety-nine percent of the time, a new storm is coming.

Because in the early hours of February 24, Beijing time, a grand jury verdict came out.

The grand jury declined to indict any police officers in the death of Daniel Proud, a black man.

A quick look at US social media and the outcry in the US, the ruling quickly went viral.

Proud’s death was a major event in the United States last year.Proud, then 41, was visiting his brother in Rochester, New York, when he suffered a mental illness.

The family called the police for help and the police quickly arrived.

Several video clips from a law enforcement recorder show Proud naked, surrounded by police officers, perhaps in an attempt to prevent the outbreak, and wearing an anti-vomiting hood.The video also shows Proud at one point trying to stand up, but being pinned to the ground by officers, one of whom puts his knees on his back, and the other officers putting their hands on his head…

Eventually, Proud suffocated. He was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment, but was brain-dead. He died a week later.

To the family’s fury, they called the police for help, only to find that the police came and killed Proud.The police also tried to hide the truth, saying all along that Proud had died of a drug overdose.

It was only in September, under pressure from lawyers, that the police department had to release the live footage.This law enforcement detail is almost identical to the “kneeling murder” of Floyd in May.

Public opinion, of course, was in an uproar, and for weeks large demonstrations broke out in many parts of New York.Seven officers have been suspended and the Rochester police chief fired.

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