The high point of bad generation has passed)

A number of banks stated that with the effectiveness of domestic epidemic prevention and control, and with the support of relevant national corporate relief and resumption of production policies, the leading indicators of credit cards have gradually improved since the second quarter, the payment situation has stabilized, and the recovery situation has gradually recovered .

Zhu Jiangtao, chief risk officer of China Merchants Bank, pointed out that when the first quarterly report was released, it was judged that June will be the highest point of this year’s credit card bad generation, and August will be the second highest point.

“Why do you make such a judgment? The main reason is that after being affected by the epidemic, our bank implemented the deferred repayment policy for credit card loans in accordance with regulatory requirements. However, since May, this policy has been tightened month by month. In loans with deferred principal and interest, the credit card loan balance is already zero. Therefore, we judge that if a customer applies for deferred principal and interest on a credit card loan in May, it will be postponed for 3 months in the future, and August will be the second occurrence of non-performing loans. High Point.

Overall, the generation of bad credit card loans will remain relatively high in the future. The overall risk judgment depends on two factors in the follow-up: changes in personal income and changes in employment situation. Therefore, our overall judgment on the quality of credit card loan assets is: non-performing generation will remain high, and there may be some uncertain factors afterwards, but personal judgment, the overall high point has passed. ”

Although the retail business has been hit this year, many banks still persist in their retail transformation strategy.

Xie Yonglin, chairman of Ping An Bank, said at the performance conference that he was satisfied with the retail development in the first half of the year. “Although the growth rate of credit card credit was slow, it was an initiative. At the end of 2017, we tightened our risk policy and raised the barriers for customer access. In the case of this year’s epidemic situation, retail sales have affected the whole bank, but we seem to be a little lighter in comparison, and it seems to be recovering faster. The growth rate of retail in the future will still be fast, (retail to corporate ratio) 6:4 unchanged, credit The quota gives priority to retail.

The strategic direction of our bank has not changed, that is, the direction of becoming a leading global intelligent retail bank in China remains unchanged. ”

Cai Xinfa, special assistant to the governor of Ping An Bank, said that as soon as the epidemic broke out, Ping An Bank significantly tightened its risk policies, including the increase in credit score requirements, so loan grants have also slowed down. This is a protection strategy.

“At the beginning of the epidemic, we estimated an optimistic, pessimistic, and mediocre forecast. After our risk control, rapid response to the epidemic, and rapid online increase, the results have now reached our optimistic range.” Cai Xinfa said .

Wang Liang, vice president of China Merchants Bank, said that credit card loans were still below the water level in the second quarter, but it is judged that the third quarter should be able to surface. Its rise will help boost the income of China Merchants Bank on the asset side.

Zhang Hui, Chief Risk Officer of the Bank of Communications, explained at the performance conference that the outbreak has had a certain impact on the banking industry. In the first half of the year, Bank of Communications generated 26% of the total new NPLs generated by credit cards. With the optimization of the strategy model, the NPL rate began to fall in June, and it is expected that the NPL rate will fall back to the level before the epidemic in the third and fourth quarters.

Yin Jiuyong, vice president of the Bank of Communications, said that the bank’s credit card overdraft balance achieved a net increase in the second quarter, and it is expected that the rapid growth momentum will continue for some time to come. From the perspective of its annual growth plan, the Bank of Communications continued to firm up its retail banking transformation orientation, and consumption rebounded after the epidemic. It plans to arrange personal loans to account for more than 40% of the total.

According to national data, credit cards are indeed showing signs of recovery. On August 20, the central bank disclosed data showing that as of the end of the second quarter, credit cards overdue for six months accounted for 1.14% of outstanding credit, which was a decrease of 0.13 percentage points from the 1.27% at the end of the first quarter.

It is worth noting that consumption growth is still weak. According to data from the Central Bank, in the second quarter of this year, the per capita consumption of bank cards was 20,400 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.59%; the average consumption of bank cards was 3,291.36 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 7.01%; the average consumption of bank cards was 671.73 yuan, a year-on-year decrease 9.24%.

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