U.S. stock indexes in New York were mixed Wednesday

The three major U.S. stock indexes in New York were mixed Wednesday

The historically high U.S. stock market slowed its advance Tuesday, with the three major indexes mixed, with the Dow closing 0.03% lower, the S&P 500 down 0.11%, and the Nasdaq closing 0.14% higher, breaking 14000 for the first time in its history and setting another record closing high.

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Small – cap stocks in the United States are popular market risk appetite

The Russell 2000 index of small-cap stocks has outperformed the three major indexes several times this week, reflecting the continued appetite for risk among investors seeking stocks of small and midsize companies that offer high risk and high returns.Analysts at Wedbush Securities believe that for now, money will not be flowing out of the market in large numbers, but will be moving between sectors to maintain the overall bullish trend.

Labor Department: Vaccination could accelerate job growth Job cuts remain widespread

On the data side, Tuesday’s report from the Labor Department showed job openings rose by 74,000 in December to about 6.65 million.On a breakdown basis, professional and business services saw the biggest increase in job openings, while state and local government, arts and entertainment saw relatively few openings.The report also noted that job growth is likely to accelerate further as mass vaccination of new vaccines gets under way, but layoffs will remain widespread.

The US Senate has begun proceedings to impeach former President Donald Trump

Separately, the U.S. Senate officially began the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump on Tuesday.Mr Trump has been accused of “sedition”.While it is unlikely that Trump will eventually be convicted, it further highlights the country’s growing partisanship and social divisions, analysts said.

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