China’s gold consumption of 820.98 tons decreased

In 2020, China’s gold consumption of 820.98 tons decreased by 18.13% year on year

China will consume 820.98 tons of gold in 2020, down 18.13 percent from the same period in 2019, the China Gold Association said today.Among them, gold jewelry consumption was 490.58 tons, down 27.45% year on year;246.59 tons of gold bars and coins, up 9.21% year on year.

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Shanghai Bank main contract up more than 9% short – term high to be cautious

Affected by the international market, the Shanghai Futures Exchange silver futures opened higher today, up as high as 9.27%, industry insiders warned to pay attention to the risk.

It is understood that in the past year, China’s silver futures market scale as a whole increased substantially.In 2020, the trading volume of silver futures exceeded 350 million, an increase of 150.12% compared with the same period last year.The amount of transactions was 27.79 trillion yuan, up 210.90 percent from the same period last year.

Guotai Junan futures precious metals and base metals plate chief researcher Wang Rong: for domestic investors, or need to be cautious positions.

The Ministry of Education recently issued a notice on strengthening the management of mobile phones among primary and middle school students, making it clear that schools should inform students and parents that personal mobile phones are not allowed to be brought to campus in principle.If there is a real need, a written application must be submitted with the consent of the parents. After entering the school, the mobile phone should be kept by the school and forbidden to be brought into the classroom.

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