Vegetable prices across the country go up seasonally

The Measures for the Supervision of Internet Insurance Business will take effect on February 1

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Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission news, from February 1, “Internet insurance business supervision measures” formally implemented.The Measures strengthen the principle of licensing, and make it clear that Internet insurance business should be carried out by insurance institutions established according to law.Insurance institutions and their employees shall be prudent in sending Internet insurance product information to consumers.The banking and insurance regulator will crack down on illegal business activities.

Peanut futures are listed on the Zhengzhou Commercial Exchange today

Peanut futures started trading on the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange today.The benchmark price of the listing is 9350 yuan/ton, and the subject of the transaction is peanut kernel.After peanut futures are listed, it can provide effective price expectation and risk management tools for farmers and real enterprises.

The Hangzhou-Shao-Tai high-speed railway, the first privately owned high-speed railway in China, has been fully laid out

The Hangzhou-Shao-Taizhou high-speed railway, the first privately owned high-speed railway in China, began laying track today, using China’s proprietary intellectual property technology. For the first time, it uses two locomotives to push synchronously and can lay 9 kilometers of track at one time. It is expected to finish laying track in June and open to traffic by the end of the year.The travel time between Hangzhou and Taizhou has been shortened from nearly three hours to one hour.

Guangzhou airport central business district project officially started

This morning, the construction of the Guangzhou Airport Central Business District project officially started, with a total investment of about 18 billion yuan.The project focuses on “exhibition city integration”, focuses on the construction of conference, exhibition and trade complex and commercial and commercial facilities, with display aircraft and other features.After the completion of the project, it will boost the quality upgrade of Guangzhou International Aviation Hub.

Vegetable prices across the country go up seasonally in January

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released today that the national vegetable basket index in January was 141.54, up 12.85 points month-on-month and 8.17 points year-on-year.The national average wholesale price of 28 kinds of vegetables was 5.88 yuan per kilogram, up 19.8 percent month-on-month and 13.7 percent year-on-year.

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