The globalization of China’s economy has been continuous

In a special address delivered at the online Davos Agenda on January 25, Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out that the world needs to address four major issues in this era. First, we need to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination and jointly promote strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth of the world economy.Second, we should abandon ideological bias and pursue peaceful coexistence for mutual benefit.Third, we need to overcome the development gap between developed and developing countries and jointly promote development and prosperity of all countries.Fourth, we need to work together to meet global challenges and create a better future for mankind.

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The Covid-19 epidemic raged, creating multiple crises for the global economy.The world’s top leaders have gathered for the five-day Davos Agenda with the theme of “seizing the critical year and rebuilding trust among all parties”.At the Dialogue, President Xi Jinping stressed that we should build an open world economy, firmly uphold the multilateral trading system, and refrain from adopting discriminatory and exclusive standards, rules and systems, or erecting high walls that separate trade, investment and technology.We need to consolidate the G20’s position as the premier platform for global economic governance, maintain closer macroeconomic policy coordination, maintain the stability and smooth operation of the global industrial chain and supply chain, and the sound operation of the global financial system. We need to advance structural reform, expand global aggregate demand, and work for higher-quality and more resilient development of the world economy.China maintains that countries must adhere to the principle of mutual respect and understanding and enhance political mutual trust through strategic communication.We should abide by the concept of win-win cooperation, reject the narrow policy of beggar-thy-neighbor and selfish interests, and abandon the one-sided approach of monopolizing development advantages. We should safeguard the equal right of all countries to development and promote common development and prosperity.

In the process of participating in economic globalization, China started from the labor-intensive link in the global supply chain, gradually got familiar with and mastered the operation mode of the global market, actively followed the market rules and made use of the power of the market to promote the efficient operation of the economy, so that China’s economy could integrate into the global economy and participate in the global market.The globalization of China’s economy has been continuous and consistent.From the late 1990s to today, when the process of economic globalization is confronted with great risks, whether it is the Asian financial crisis or the financial turmoil on Wall Street;China is also an important stabilizing force for economic globalization, as the Covid-19 epidemic is raging around the world and plunging the world economy into a deep recession.

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