How much money did Tesla make in currency speculation

After carrying bitcoin crazily, the book profit of $1 billion may make musk the biggest winner among bitcoin players.

How much money did Tesla make in currency speculation

According to the estimate of Daniel ives, an analyst at wedbush securities, Tesla made a Book profit of about $1 billion from its investment in bitcoin, exceeding its profit from selling electric vehicles in 2020.


According to coindesk, the price of bitcoin has risen from an intraday high of $34793.45 on January 31 to an intraday high of $57487.03 on February 20, when Ives released its report, up about 65%.


How much money did Tesla make? Analysts estimate: 1 billion US dollars!


This will bring Tesla’s profit from its $1.5 billion bitcoin investment to about $975 million. According to Monday’s intraday high of $58332.36, the profit exceeded $1 billion.


Musk and bitcoin are not long-standing. Just a few weeks ago, musk shared “the story he and bitcoin had to tell” on the clubhouse, regretting that he didn’t join bitcoin eight years ago.


In recent years, I have missed the feast of bitcoin. I understand it a little slowly and I realize it a little late.


However, after bitcoin’s “real fragrance” of consciousness, musk brought goods not only to twitter, but also to “live fire”.


On February 9, Tesla disclosed in a document issued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission that it has purchased $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin and will now accept bitcoin as a form of payment to buy cars.


As soon as the news came out, bitcoin soared to a new high of US $44000, then broke the US $45000, US $46000 and US $47000 levels.


At that time, many analysts expected that Tesla’s massive purchase of bitcoin could lead a wave of investment from the enterprise sector and open a new round of rise in bitcoin.


On January 29, the fanatical musk suddenly and briefly changed his twitter profile to “bitcoin”, which directly led to the price of bitcoin rising by more than 14% in half an hour.

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