ETHA Lend-Cross-chain revenue optimizer supported by Polkadot

In the past two years, the DeFi field has experienced exciting prosperity. After experiencing a slight decline, it has finally returned to stability. At the same time, DeFi has also attracted a considerable amount of funds into this field. With the development of the industry, DeFi indeed represents a new, balanced and opportunistic form of economic development.

ETHA Lend-Cross-chain revenue optimizer supported by Polkadot

For users in the DeFi field, among the many potential opportunities, the most eye-catching is Yielding Farming. This is a popular “buzzword” that has recently prevailed in the DeFi field. Yielding Farming is an important part of the decentralized financial system, which enables individuals and institutional users to raise funds. However, surrounded by the stars and the moon, our team found that for users who are new to the industry, they will feel lost in the existing products on the market. This is because DeFi and all its components are often difficult to do What users understand, and ETHA Lend was born to solve this pain point.

The user experience in the current DeFi market is limited by various factors, and these factors also make it more difficult for users to obtain the best benefits. The three main obstacles include: high transaction costs, limited risk tolerance under current market interest rates, and lack of interoperability. There are indeed some projects on the market that aim to improve liquidity, optimize platform interfaces, and reduce costs. Even though we recognize that the changes brought about by these projects are revolutionary in the entire field, there is a serious lack of products on the market that can provide users with the most profitable rate while also reducing the burden on users. As far as we know, there are some related initial projects in the Ethereum network, but the Polkadot field is still a blue ocean in this regard. Therefore, whether it is Ethereum or Polkadot, there is an urgent need for such a solution that not only provides the best rate of return on the market, but also integrates a security mechanism that evaluates multiple risk factors in a simple and transparent manner. This is the specific breakthrough of ETHA Lend in optimizing the yield and DeFi loan market. We hope that the vision of ETHA Lend will flourish with the Polkadot DeFi ecosystem, which is why we entered Polkadot. As a revolutionary pioneer and promoter of the DeFi market, we recognize that Polkadot has unprecedented opportunities and tremendous advantages, and we are also willing to provide users with better products.

ETHA Lend aims to simplify the above shortcomings of DeFi by introducing a comprehensive revenue optimizer. The ETHA Lend revenue optimization protocol makes the user’s operation extremely flexible. Our cross-chain-based platform will bring algorithm-driven token supply, simplicity, easy-to-use interface and cost-effectiveness. The combination of these values ​​allows us to create a system that breaks through the complexity of the original yield farming field, thereby reinvigorating the DeFi lending market.

What is ETHA Lend?

ETHA Lend is a cross-chain revenue optimizer supported by Polkadot, currently located on Ethereum. ETHA Lend provides users with a simple but mature user interface, thereby eliminating the complexity of the original DeFi lending market. The essential function of ETHA Lend is to use intelligent algorithms to automatically calculate risk factors, and to allocate assets through the best matching agreement to optimize returns.


Users on ETHA Lend can enjoy a seamless process of directly matching the lending protocol and DEX through the Ethereum and Polkadot network. With this feature, ETHA Lend creates a relatively simple channel for liquidity providers-without manual operation or contact with opaque decision-making processes, it is convenient to interact with different protocols and generate revenue. We believe that this can provide investors in this field with a more equal investment platform, and small investors can also get the same investment opportunities and convenience that only professional yield farmers could get before.

Why is ETHA LEND important to the current DeFi lending market?

As of this writing, the DeFi lending market has reached $12.76 billion, accounting for more than 46% of the entire DeFi market. For investors and users who don’t want assets to stagnate without gains, the DeFi lending market is of extraordinary significance. However, with the surging market and the continuous acceleration of related protocol changes, the complexity of operations brought to users by different platforms, high transaction costs, and suffocating interoperability, these factors are in crisis. The user’s profitability is also constantly eroding the user’s patience.



In the DeFi field, the functions of various platforms have not yet achieved unified standardization, and often specific functions owned by one platform cannot be implemented on another platform. Nowadays, these complementary functions are even weaker due to the lack of cross-chain interoperability.

In the early days, the main goal of ETHA Lend was to solve the complexity problems inherent in the current DeFi lending market. Essentially, as a revenue optimizer, ETHA Lend uses different data points and optimization techniques to obtain the best value and return on investment. A major feature of ETHA Lend’s revenue optimizer is that it can accurately capture the events of liquidity providers that increase liquidity, while ETHA Lend’s “Discovery Algorithm” will calculate the latest gas fee, asset volatility, past and The current income and available asset budget are included in the consideration indicators, so as to formulate the most optimized asset allocation for users.

ETHA Lend is at the core of the reform of the DeFi lending market. We provide users with a new set of experiences, including enhanced investment decision-making capabilities, best returns, and compatibility with a wider range of DeFi protocols-including integration with Polkadot and Ethereum networks to the greatest extent.

The combination of ETHA Lend and Polkadot

As the first milestone of ETHA Lend, ETHA Lend will first support three protocols: Aave, Dydx and Compound. As the project continues to progress, we will gradually fully integrate with the Polkadot ecosystem, which will be another critical step, because this will promote the large-scale adoption and stability of the DeFi lending market through cross-chain communication between all effective protocol combinations .


Moonbeam (the smart contract platform launched by Polkadot) will be our choice for deploying project functions based on smart contracts. More importantly, this will further promote ETHA LEND’s entry into the Polkadot ecosystem, thereby seamlessly integrating Polkadot-based liquidity protocols.

As a dynamic profit rate optimizer, its inherent nature will enable us to provide users with a number of useful functions through $ETHA. Through integration with the Polkadot network, ETHA Lend revenue optimizer and tokens will provide users with considerable value. The integration of ETHA Lend and Polkadot will further enable us to improve asset efficiency through algorithmic asset allocation in all DeFi revenue generation protocols. The combination between ETHA Lend and Polkadot will begin with a series of collaborations, including Acala (a cross-chain DeFi network for Polkadot) and Equilibrium (a pioneer in the pioneering DeFi currency market based on Polkadot). ETHA Lend will open a channel for users to create the best revenue opportunities in the DeFi market while bringing an unparalleled user experience.

ETHA Lend token and its token economy – $ETHA

The ETHA Lend revenue optimization protocol is based on the two ecology of Polkadot and Ethereum and will be empowered by the $ETHA token. Users can withdraw tokens from circulating supply through liquid asset pools, platform governance and protocol rewards.

The ETHA Lend team kept inflation and volatility to a minimum when designing the $ETHA token. Relying on the determination of the long-term and deep cultivation of the project, the team designed the token to gradually open for circulation within two years, thus ensuring the sustainable growth of the project. The maximum supply of $ETHA tokens is 30,000,000.

After the initial planning of the project is completed, ETHA Lend will release details on the use of tokens and other related governance policies.

Product development plan

ETHA Lend’s planning started with “open contract pledge”, TGE and “open liquidity mining for ETH and BTC”. Follow-up related releases will be released on various official channels of ETHA Lend.


-Complete the profitability optimizer

-User interface design

-Alpha agreement released

-Complete the first audit

2021 first quarter

-Post pledge contract

-Alpha Launch


2021 second quarter

-Mainnet is online

-Add another agreement

-Moonbeam cooperation and ecological integration with Polkadot

-ETH asset pool launch

2021 third quarter

-Add “insurance” agreement

-Integrate the “Credit Commission” function

-Risk-based optimization

2021 fourth quarter

-Large-scale investment

-Other content will be released successively

ETHA Lend will bring vitality to the DeFi lending market

DeFi used to be a profoundly meaningful solution born when the token economy was in a downturn. It has the potential to reorganize traditional lending models. As an effective source of passive income for users, the value of this field cannot be ignored.

However, it is obvious that there is still a lack of a platform in this field that provides users with the above-mentioned value while being simple, clear, and elegant. Therefore, we need a streamlined solution to optimize and motivate the entire industry and its users by introducing transparent mechanisms.

In summary, ETHA Lend aims to bring greater clarity and use cases to the DeFi field. Our cross-chain mechanism maximizes the potential for revenue by using multiple DeFi lending agreements. As we are about to launch the initial function, we call on all interested participants to take action when the time is right to join ETHA LEND in different ways. Join us to eliminate the prohibitively complex operations of DeFi and transform it into a concise DeFi portal where everyone can elegantly reap benefits.

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