What is the entrepreneurial spirit?

The first  is the ability to discover inventions

Good entrepreneurs are the scarcest species in any society. They are resource integrators and adventurers who “create something out of nothing”. They are agile and good at capturing the technological potential that changes the destiny of mankind from scientific inventions in the laboratory.

Those once great companies such as Motorola, those still great companies such as IBM and Microsoft, those newly emerging great companies such as Google and Amazon, they all have such brilliance: transform a scientific principle, a laboratory formula into one This kind of technological innovation, and then transform disruptive technological innovation into disruptive product innovation, and then benefit the public.

Behind these great companies there must be one or a group of prophet-like business leaders. They may have a little knowledge of science and technology, but their intuition for scientific invention and technology, especially the courage to take risks and the organization of resources, are beyond the reach of ordinary people. .

The second is the instinct to promote popularization

Converting inventions into technology, converting technology into products, and then pushing products to consumers, most of our successful companies have the third type of instinct and ability. This is of course correct, but unfortunately, we have quite a lot of Enterprises have a huge stock of capital through self-accumulation and capitalization, but they are unwilling to invest in upstream basic research and original technology, and even many companies’ R&D expenditures (including research and development of applied technologies) are much lower than marketing expenses.

The third is the two-sided unity of disruptors and fire thief

When in the position of follower, they are the heroes who set the table, they are the disruptive innovators of technology, products, and business models; when they are in the position of leader and leader, they still have a kind of prometheus that gives it to others His temperament: To be a fire thief, explorer, and path guide for mankind.

The fourth is the purity of ideas and the purity of professions

Entrepreneurs are not omniscient and omnipotent.

We can’t think that the creation of a terrific and quasi terrific enterprise represents an entrepreneur without a teacher, Belden, who has the ability to give directions to and reprimand everything in the world, not to mention the rapid changes in technology today. In the era of severe social turbulence, even if entrepreneurs concentrate on their own industry and their own enterprises, they may not be able to cope with the current challenges and future shocks.

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