Fund issuance is expected to raise the tide again

Based on the starting date of fund raising, fund issuance in the first quarter is still “crowded”. According to Dongfang fortune choice data, the total number of new funds that have been disclosed since February 18 has reached 96, involving many fund companies such as Jingshun Great Wall, Qianhai Kaiyuan, Nanfang, Guangfa, Fuguo and harvest. On February 18 alone, 12 new funds were issued. On February 22, 26 new funds will be put on the shelves. At present, the latest start date of fund-raising is Guofu Xinghai return mix, which will start to raise on March 22.

Fund issuance is expected to raise the tide again
It is worth noting that in many new funds, all kinds of theme ETFs are actively emerging. Before the Spring Festival, the three Hong Kong Internet ETFs of Huaxia, Huatai Bairui and Harvest Fund ushered in the first show of listing. In addition, a number of products including rare earth ETF, game ETF, chemical ETF, photovoltaic ETF and food and beverage ETF have been approved one after another, and are about to start the issuance and listing schedule. As the first rare earth ETF in the market, Huatai Bairui China Securities rare earth industry ETF will start raising on February 22. It is reported that the fund tracks the rare earth industry index of China Securities. The top ten heavyweight stocks include northern rare earth, Shenghe resources, Jinfeng technology, Xiamen tungsten industry, Hengdian dongci, etc.
Before the festival, four new ETF products will be introduced in the chemical industry sector, which has attracted much attention from the market. They are Penghua Zhongzheng sub segment chemical industry theme ETF, Huabao Zhongzheng sub segment chemical industry ETF, Fuguo Zhongzheng sub segment chemical industry theme ETF and Guotai Zhongzheng sub segment chemical industry theme ETF. The four new chemical ETF funds all choose the return rate of CSI sub segment chemical industry theme index as the comparison benchmark. As of February 8, the CSI sub index has risen 96.22% in the past year and 125.07% in the past two years. Societe Generale Securities pointed out that in the fourth quarter of 2020, the fund’s heavy position in the basic chemical industry sector increased month on month compared with the same period last year. At present, the chemical industry position has returned to the upward channel from the low point of nearly 10 years.
China Securities animation game ETF and the first batch of domestic game ETF will be released on February 19. Liu Jun, director of Huatai Bairui index investment department, said that the CSI animation game index is at a historical low, leading enterprise valuation is attractive, and the industry is ushering in a new product cycle. China is the largest game market in the world, and also the country with the largest income from game R & D in the world, with huge development potential.
In addition, the “pig” ETF is also coming. On February 18, Penghua Zhongzheng animal husbandry ETF was officially issued, which is the first “pig raising” concept ETF in the A-share market. The reporter learned that a number of domestic “pig raising” ETFs have been approved in succession recently, and the issuance of Ping’an Zhongzheng animal husbandry ETF and China Merchants Zhongzheng animal husbandry ETF have been put on the agenda. Yao Shuang, manager of harvest agricultural industry stock fund, believes that although pig prices fluctuate up and down, the average ROE (return on investment in net assets) of the best pig raising enterprises in the past 10 years has been as high as 30%, surpassing many enterprises. Driven by the factors of scale, modernization, consumption upgrading and innovation, China’s agriculture will develop better in the future.
Trillions of public funds are ready for long-term investment
According to the latest measurement report on the fund position of public funds released by Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center, the remaining funds of public funds with quarterly reports disclosed are 549.9 billion yuan, those with no quarterly reports disclosed are 140.3 billion yuan, and those with newly established stock directions since 2021 are 322.4 billion yuan. According to the preliminary calculation, the maximum amount of funds available for public funds to buy A-shares in the near future is about 1012.6 billion yuan, and the holding period funds that lock shares one by one and guide long-term investment still account for a large proportion.
“A large number of equity funds will be an important sign of the maturity of the A-share market.” Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai open source fund, pointed out that “as of February 9, the number of holding period funds established since November 2020 has reached 95, with equity funds accounting for 28%, and the total scale of raising 346.9 billion yuan, accounting for 37%. It has become a new trend to encourage investors to make long-term investment and value investment by setting a certain holding period. ”
To be specific, Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center pointed out that according to the difference between the proportion of existing positions of each stock to the fund and the upper limit of the proportion of shares held in the fund contract as disclosed in the Fund Quarterly Report in 2020, it can be calculated that the remaining capital of the stock fund is 47.543 billion yuan, and that of the hybrid fund is 502.356 billion yuan. In addition, the asset scale of the stock direction fund raised and established in November and December 2020 is about 280.6 billion yuan. In these two months, the fund did not disclose the quarterly report. However, due to the good stock market situation in the fourth quarter of last year, it is estimated that by the end of the fourth quarter of last year, 40% of these funds had built positions. According to its preliminary calculation, the remaining 50% of the stock capital position is about 140.3 billion yuan. In terms of new funds, since the beginning of this year, stocks have raised a total of 460.6 billion yuan of assets from funds. These funds should not have time to build large-scale positions. According to the 70% ratio, there are more than 300 billion yuan of investment funds.

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