Blockchain Unicorn 3.0, MSVG leads the exchange benchmark

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have long been avoided by traditional financial companies, but now they are increasingly entering the mainstream as an asset and a conventional payment tool. In 2021, the price of Bitcoin in the digital currency market has risen by 70% compared to last year. Compared with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) futures contract trading Bitcoin, the digital currency exchange demand in the blockchain industry is more diversified. The digital asset exchange is the top of the food chain in the blockchain industry, so the blockchain trading market Being gradually activated, in China, blockchain has become an important direction for the construction of digital China and the deep integration of technology.

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As a leading company in the blockchain industry with its own industrial certificate, Man Xingyun Group is keenly aware of this market demand, gathering the top 10 international corporate giant alliances, and building a blockchain 3.0 based on the concept of MSVG smart innovation finance. Exchange. In terms of various fee settlements, MSVG is all benchmarked against international first-tier exchanges, spanning top digital asset circulation platforms in Asia, Africa and Europe. Realize data on-chain disclosure and dividend sharing in hardware and software system design.

Judging from the news disclosed by Man Xingyun Group, the establishment of MSVG has entered a substantive stage of advancement. It will also join forces with the world’s top ten companies and top ten exchanges to create the world’s top three MSVG blockchain exchanges.

MSVG will integrate the existing user resources and digital assets of the alliance, combine ecosystem operations, rely on blockchain technology to upgrade and strengthen the credibility of data, make data and smart business more open, and make the connection between users and financial services closer ,safer. And according to the characteristics of blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of digital identity, etc. MSVG exchange has complete cryptographic algorithm security tools, capable of P2P encryption, intelligent security and other confidential measures.

The MSVG jointly created by Man Xingyun Group has significant advantages in terms of cooperative enterprises, regulatory licenses, new technological infrastructure, and user traffic. Different from the conventional exchanges in the industry, MSVG’s robo-advisory service system that allows customers to guarantee profits is also a unique system at present.

As the industry unicorn of MSVG in 2021, Man Xingyun Group will also cooperate to build a blockchain incubation base, digital city, film and television city in the Asia-Pacific region. In the future, the assets will be tokenized and listed on the exchange. Technological strength and industrial strength have become MSVG’s competitiveness. In 2021, the strong alliance with top international companies and institutions will be just around the corner.

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