Huawei consultant Tian Tao: “Be a good businessman”

Businessmen are common in the world, and real entrepreneurs are “rare animals”, and entrepreneurs can play a powerful role in guiding and promoting enterprises and society.

For many business operators and entrepreneurs, whether they are facing difficulties in their development, or when they are developing better and further expanding their boundaries, they should ask themselves two questions that touch their original intentions: “Why should you be an entrepreneur? Why do you want to be an enterprise?” The answers to these two questions determine the direction and path of an enterprise’s growth, and also determine the possible life length of an enterprise.

Source丨The content of this article is comprehensively selected from “Why should we be entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship and the law of the rise and fall of organizations”

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The difference between great entrepreneurs and mediocre entrepreneurs is: what is the purpose of making money.

The truly great entrepreneurs all present profound paradoxes.

They are idealists, dreamers, and messengers from the past to the present and to the future, such as Jobs, Elon Musk, and Ren Zhengfei.

But at the same time, they are super pragmatists. Earning more wealth is the destined professional attribute of every entrepreneur. This also determines the survival rules of enterprises and entrepreneurs from the root: behind the increase and decrease of numbers and the good or bad is whether you can survive tomorrow.

Therefore, Ren Zhengfei said that survival is Huawei’s minimum program and also the maximum program.

But the difference between great entrepreneurs and mediocre entrepreneurs is: what is the purpose of making money.

The former is for an ideal and a mission, wealth is a tool to move dreams, and the latter is to make a fortune.

Active stakeholder

They are naturally interested in risk. In a sense, it is the embrace and resistance to risk that make them truly show courage, insight, willpower, and charisma to the team. But they are also extreme ones who seek advantages and avoid disadvantages-cautious and even conservative combined with a preference for risk.

Paranoid defender

No luck, no tricks, one way to the dark, to the light, may lead the world. Huawei has adhered to the main channel for more than 30 years, rejected diversification, and rejected opportunism. After more than 30 years, Huawei has become a disruptor and leader in the global communications industry, and most Western companies in the world’s top 500 are basically the same.

Soft empathy and the hardest lonely

A great entrepreneur, even a qualified entrepreneur or manager, must possess a trait: empathy. Already what people want. Seek the expansion of wealth and power, and pursue the glory and brilliance under the spotlight. How about your colleagues, subordinates, and employees?

Therefore, wealth should not be exclusive, power should not be monopolized, and achievement should be shared. Only in this way can we have the same desire, unity, and unity.

Of course, empathy is not only embodied within the enterprise, but also includes empathy for customers, and a “sympathy” for the community and the public.

At the same time, outstanding leaders are all lonely, hard lonely.

The above is general knowledge about entrepreneurship. But for today’s Chinese society, in addition to these general knowledge, we seem to need a classic entrepreneurial spirit that originated from the Western Industrial Revolution: to be a business businessman.

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