Disable to use Alipay and WeChat Pay within 5 years

According to a Xinhua News Agency report on the 11th, the reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department that since Guangdong launched a special campaign against the “two cards”, 2,421 people have been punished for untrustworthy behaviors such as selling and lending bank accounts and personal bank cards. They will be punished within 5 years. You can only use cash for consumption, cannot use the mobile payment function, cannot register an Alipay account and open WeChat payment, etc.

Starting from October 10, a nationwide “card-breaking” operation has been launched to combat, rectify, and punish illegal criminal gangs selling phone cards and bank cards. Ping An Nanyue reported on November 10 that since the operation, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department has arrested more than 4,200 suspects involved in illegal “two cards”, eliminated 317 black and gray production gangs involving “two cards”, and destroyed 617 criminal dens. More than 6,850 bank cards, more than 48,880 mobile phone cards, more than 1.09 million pieces of personal information of citizens, and a large number of items involved in the case were seized on the spot, and more than 3430 cases were solved.

According to the report, the Office of the Inter-Departmental Joint Conference for Combating New Types of Telecommunication Network Crimes in Guangdong Province successively interviewed 47 commercial bank outlets and 7 key counties involved in the case, verified the shutdown of more than 530,000 high-risk phone numbers, and identified and dealt with potential involvement. The risk of fraud involves more than 400,000 corporate bank accounts and more than 200,000 personal bank accounts, and publicly exposes a number of business outlets and industry “inside ghosts” involving more “two cards”.

Typical case↓

It is one of the common methods to attract young people to rent out bank cards using part-time jobs

According to a previous report by Xinhua Daily Telegraph, in March this year, the police in Changsha, Hunan uncovered a case of providing money laundering activities for fraud gangs. The criminals used the part-time information of “a daily salary of 150 yuan, including food and accommodation, and only need to recharge the game” to recruit a number of college students to provide bank cards for “running points”, and provide funds for payment channels for overseas gambling websites to obtain commission.

According to reports, the so-called running sub-platform is a website or app that provides payment channels for people and obtains commissions from them.

The running sub-platform is an intermediary organization. The lessor hangs his bank card or Alipay QR code on the website. The running sub-platform organizer collects a large amount of bank card information and provides it to those who need to transfer. In return, the platform will receive part of the commission, part of which goes into the lessor’s pocket.

The reporter found that a large number of bank card scores and part-time jobs were posted on Tieba and Weibo, with words such as “passively earning 300 a day”, “1,000 a day is not a problem”, and “wake up with tens of thousands on the account.” An agent told reporters that if he helped to transfer 10,000 yuan, he could get a commission ranging from 100 to 200. As long as there is an order, it can usually be completed in a minute or two.

Related regulations↓

Pursuant to the “Notice of the People’s Bank of China on Further Strengthening the Management of Payment and Settlement to Prevent New Types of Illegal Crimes in Telecommunications Networks”, the public security organs have identified units and individuals that rent, lend, sell, or purchase bank accounts (including bank cards) or payment accounts. Units and individuals who open bank accounts or payment accounts by impersonating others’ identities or fictitious agency relationships with relevant organizers shall suspend their bank account non-counter business and payment account business for 5 years, and shall not open new accounts for them.

According to Zhongyizheng, a lawyer at Zhonglun (Shenzhen) Law Firm in Beijing, according to the China Broadcasting Corporation, individuals who transfer funds overseas to participate in gambling through underground banks will not only be fined, but will also be included in the credit investigation system, leaving credit taints. He said: “According to the “Personal Foreign Exchange Management Measures” and the “Foreign Exchange Management Regulations”, domestic individuals engaged in foreign exchange transactions should be handled through domestic financial institutions that have obtained the corresponding business qualifications in accordance with the law. Or if the amount of foreign exchange purchased or sold illegally is large, the foreign exchange management agency shall give a warning, confiscate the illegal income, and fine; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law.”

The police reminded that consumers should resolutely resist illegal platform activities such as gambling and “running points” and be responsible for their own property safety. Be wary of the trap of “running points”, pay attention to protecting personal private information, don’t be tempted by unrealistic high profits on the Internet, let alone rent out your identity information, personal accounts, payment accounts, etc. for temporary profit, so as not to Become a tool for criminals to commit illegal crimes.

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