Game Post Falls 60%

Retail investors, such as Gamestop, turned to plummet, while the US retail “big brother” suffered heavy losses.


On February 2 local time, the three major U.S. stock indexes collectively closed up more than 1%, the Dow rose 1.57%, the NASDAQ rose 1.56%, and the S & P 500 index rose 1.39%.

Game Post Falls 60%

However, the US stock market “individual investors holding a group stock” has been in a collective slump.


The game post station was triggered more than once in the morning, with a drop of 67%. By the close of February 2 local time, the share price of game post had dropped by 60%, the biggest one-day drop in nearly 19 years. The price of each share had dropped to $90, with a total market value of $6.277 billion, down more than $25 billion from the intraday high hit last Thursday.


AMC fell 41.05% to $7.84 a share, down 61.49% from its recent high of $20.36 a share.


Gauss electronics closed down 42.86% at $20 a share, down 84.31% from its recent high of $127.45 a share.


BlackBerry closed down 21.05% at $11.55, down 59.85% from its recent high of $28.77.


Silver futures, the new target for retail investors, also fell sharply. As of February 2 local time, Comex silver futures contract fell nearly 9% to $26.78/oz. On the previous trading day, Comex silver futures closed up 8.68% at $29.25/oz.


However, Keith Patrick gill, the leading retail investor in the United States, said on Tuesday that he had lost more than $13 million on the stock that day, but still would not sell any positions. Gill said he has owned 50000 shares and 500 call options of the game station since the beginning of this year.


Surging news has previously reported that in the Wall Street bets (WSB), a sub forum of reddit, the retail base, there is a “leading big brother”, whose ID is deepfxxingvalue. It is he who promotes retail investors’ enthusiasm for the game post station and leads retail investors to form a short game by constantly publishing orders and making comments and forecasts Squeeze (press air, roll air), forcing the short boss to retreat and raise the flag to surrender.


A number of foreign media have pointed out that the real identity of the “leading big brother” DFV is Keith Patrick gill, a 34 year old Boston Financial Analyst, a father. He also has an account on YouTube called roaring kitty to share his views on the stock market.


Surging news reporter noticed that gill posted the latest screenshot of revenue on February 2 in WSB forum. By the end of the day, he had lost more than $13.62 million in the game post stock, and the cumulative income in this stock was more than $7.6 million, and the yield was also back to 1006.47%.


Under this post, there is a top reply: “deepfxxingvalue and Mark Cuban are the heroes that reddit needs today.” There was also a high praise comment: “we are all together. We all feel the pain of today. If you’re reading this, you’re not alone. ”

Mark Cuban is a billionaire, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and he also supports retail ownership.


On February 2, Mark Cuban attended WSB online Q & A. In response to netizens’ questions about “why share prices have fallen so much,” Mark Cuban said that if you have the ability to hold stocks, you should hold them. “Although I don’t hold these stocks, if it was me, I would.”.


On Friday, gill made more than $31.47 million in revenue, with a yield of 4168.43%. Its account holds about $46.04 million, including GME’s shares, options and more than $10 million in cash.

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