“Retail vs. Wall Street” to be on screen! Naifei intends to shoot the subject

“Retail vs. Wall Street” may be made into a movie.


According to foreign media reports, the US video giant Netflix (NASDAQ: NFlx, Netflix) is negotiating to make a film about the recent hot event “retail investors vs. Wall Street”. The screenwriter of the film is mark Boal, who is the screenwriter of the Academy Award-winning “bomb disposal unit.”. Brad Weston, founder and CEO of makeready, will work with Nick styne of definition entertainment to produce the film, with mark sourian as executive producer.


According to the verge, MGM also plans to make films based on “retail investors vs. Wall Street.”. MGM’s film will be based on an unpublished book. The author of the book is Ben metzlich, who wrote the accidental billionaires, a movie based on David finch’s 2010 Movie social networks.

"Retail vs. Wall Street" to be on screen! Naifei intends to shoot the subject

Nafi didn’t comment. But the move is intended to use the Gamestop event to reveal how social media has made the competitive environment fairer, the source said. The film will tell the story of Gamestop, AMC and other companies being short sold by billions of dollars of hedge funds, and how retail investors prevent hedge funds from trying to profit from companies in trouble.


On January 20, Netflix released its fourth quarter results for fiscal year 2020. According to the financial report, in 2020, the annual revenue will reach US $25 billion (a year-on-year increase of 24%), and the operating profit will increase by 76% to US $4.6 billion.

Although COVID-19 continues to restrict the production of movies and TV shows, Nye said that more than 500 films are being produced or ready for launch.

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