After the victory of American retail investors over Wall Street


In the morning of January 29, Beijing time, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, posted an article on social networking site twitter, pointing out that “shorting is a fraud”.


Musk tweeted, “you can’t sell houses that don’t belong to you, you can’t sell cars that don’t belong to you, but you can sell stocks that don’t belong to you!”!? It’s outrageous – shorting is a fraud.

After the victory of American retail investors over Wall Street

Musk has taken fire to many stocks this year.


Earlier, on January 26, local time in the United States, musk tweeted the discussion on WallStreet bets, the investment division of reddit forum, and commented that “gametone!”, which pushed the stock up more than 60% after hours.


On January 11, local time, because musk recommended an app called signal on twitter a few days ago, investors mistakenly regarded signal advance as the app, resulting in the latter’s stock price soaring 438% during the trading session of that day.


In addition, e-commerce software company Shopify, e-commerce platform Etsy, Polish video game manufacturer CD Projekt, etc. were once boosted by Musk’s recommendation.


It is worth noting that Tesla, the CEO of musk, was once short on a large scale, and musk resented the shorting institutions.


According to the overseas news website electck, as early as 2018, musk sent a box full of shorts to the famous hedge fund manager David Einhorn. Before that, David Einhorn made a large number of short positions in Tesla shares.


On July 5, 2020, musk tweeted that limited edition short shorts have been launched in Tesla stores at $69.420 each.















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