Can 1499 yuan really win Maotai? Shenzhen consumer committee reminds: not necessarily!

According to the official account of the Shenzhen Consumer Council January 27th evening, recently, the activities of “purchasing members to accumulate points and rob Moutai” by the major e-commerce platforms have attracted many consumers’ participation. Consumers need to open platform members to obtain the qualification of rush buying, but this does not mean that they will definitely be able to get it. They also need to “fight for speed and luck”. Most consumers say that “buying Maotai at 1499 yuan” is as difficult as winning the lottery.


In the case of “one bottle is hard to find”, some consumers invest more time and money to participate in the rush buying by continuing to upgrade members, accumulating a large number of points, using rush buying software and other ways. At the same time, there are also network fraud and other security risks.

Can 1499 yuan really win Maotai? Shenzhen consumer committee reminds: not necessarily!

According to statistics, since 2020, Shenzhen consumer committee has received more than 400 consumer complaints about “rush to buy Maotai” reflected by consumers. The main problems reflected include: failure to pay after winning the lottery, cancellation of orders after successful transaction, being told that there is no goods after successful transaction, difficulty in receiving goods, and deduction of member points for no reason.


After Shenzhen consumer committee intervened in the investigation and mediation, most of the complainants have made corresponding solutions according to the complaints, but there are also a few platforms that can not carry out effective mediation.


Among them, Shenzhen Zhouji Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Huayuan gift mall) once launched the activity of “purchase the designated products, you can buy Maotai for 1499 yuan”. Consumers said that other goods can be received after placing an order, but the Maotai order has not been delivered, which has been reported to the platform for many times to be fruitless, and then the customer service of the mall was unable to contact.


After investigation, the registered place of the company has no office, and the relevant person in charge can not be contacted all the time. I will receive a complaint from the company, involving about 200000 yuan.


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Shenzhen Consumer Council reminds consumers:


1、 Recharge consumption should be rational


The first condition for most platforms to participate in the “rush to buy Maotai at the original price” activity is that consumers need to spend money to open platform members. After becoming a member, some platforms will guide consumers to increase the probability of “grabbing” by upgrading members or continuing to consume and accumulate more points, which is very easy to cause consumers to consume impulsively and excessively.


It is suggested that consumers should rationally open membership and recharge according to their daily consumption habits and needs, purchase on demand, consume rationally, consume with high quality and avoid waste.


2、 Participation in rush buying should be normal


Most consumers say it’s easy to get the qualification, but there are not many lucky people who can win the lottery. In the process of rush buying, we often encounter some problems, such as the platform page can not be opened, the display is finished as soon as it is opened, and the transaction page can not be opened after the order is submitted, resulting in overtime transaction failure. The rush buying activities of hot selling commodities are relatively hot, with a large number of participants and a limited number of commodities, not all participants can easily grab them.

Can 1499 yuan really win Maotai? Shenzhen consumer committee reminds: not necessarily!

It is suggested that consumers should carefully read the rules of the activity, confirm whether they can directly exchange or need limited rush purchase after meeting the participation qualification, and then participate rationally and keep normal mind.


3、 Beware of fraud in online payment


Panic buying activities not only attract a large number of consumers to participate, but also attract individuals or institutions to provide service. They firmly grasped the mentality of some consumers that “the opportunity is rare, seizing it is to make money”, and launched the service or software of robbing agent, which increased the risk of network fraud.


It is suggested that consumers should not easily click on the links of shopping websites and rush to buy software that pop up abnormally, try to choose platforms or physical stores that are formal, fully qualified, with high reputation and guaranteed after-sales, and carefully choose to transfer payment to individuals or provide important personal information to others.


4、 The rules of activities should be understood carefully


According to the complaint data and result analysis submitted by consumers, some consumers were disqualified from rush purchase and cancelled the paid orders because they did not comply with the participation rules when participating in the activities, mainly reflected in the purchase restriction. Due to the large number of participants and the limited number of goods in each session, and in order to maintain fairness and allow more participants to share the joy of “winning the lottery”, the activity rules will specify the limited number of purchases per person.


It is suggested that consumers should carefully read the activity rules before participating in the rush purchase, understand the limited purchase quantity and the way to get the goods, and purchase according to the relevant rules and guidelines, so as to avoid missing “Maotai” due to the limited purchase and missing the limited collection time.


5、 The consumption certificate should be kept properly


Consumers should keep relevant shopping documents when shopping. If disputes arise, they can consult with the operators first. If they can not reach a settlement, call 12345 or 966315 or call the official account of WeChat 315.

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  • A few days ago, I saw a piece of news about a local rich who bought more than 20 million fake Maotai. It really made me a little drunk.

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