White House spokesman: Biden will treat Sino US relations with “patience”

text / Observer: Zhang chenjing] after the new US President Biden takes office, what kind of China policy will be formulated has become the focus of the outside world. At the White House press conference on January 25, reporters asked questions about it, while White House spokesman Jen psaki said three times that Biden hoped to handle relations with China with patience.


White House spokesman: Biden will treat Sino US relations with “patience”


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White House spokesman: Biden will treat Sino US relations with "patience"

On the same day, pusaki said at the meeting that Biden’s government plans to conduct an inter departmental review of Trump’s measures, including the imposition of trade tariffs and the delisting of Chinese enterprises. “In dealing with our relations with China, we are starting with a patient attitude. This means that we will consult with allies, Democrats and Republicans, and allow cross sectoral review and evaluation on how to promote Sino US relations. ”


The comments indicate that the Biden administration may be willing to change the measures taken during Trump’s term of office, according to a report by the Peng Bo news agency. However, there is no sign of a change in strategy.


South China Morning Post also reported that Biden immediately overthrew Trump’s many “political legacies” in the first few days after taking office, including the return of the United States to the Paris climate agreement and the World Health Organization (who), but he has not yet taken action on issues directly related to China.


At the same time, pusaki also said at the meeting that the Biden administration’s attitude towards China will remain the same as it has been in the past few months. “We are in fierce competition with China, and the strategic competition with China is a landmark feature of the 21st century.”. She claimed that China’s actions harm the interests of American workers, weaken the technological advantages of the United States, and “pose a threat” to its allies and influence in international organizations.


“What the United States has seen in the past few years is that China has become more confident abroad. Beijing is challenging the security, prosperity and values of the United States, which requires the United States to take new measures. “. Pusaki said again, “this requires us to deal with China’s problems with strategic patience. Despite the stumbling process, we also want to solve the problem through cross departmental internal review. “.


Later, when asked whether Biden would continue to impose a strict ban on Huawei, pusaki repeated the same old saying, “the president’s view is that we need to have a better defense.”. Pusaki claimed that this must include making China responsible for so-called “unfair and illegal acts”, ensuring that American technology will not be used to “promote China’s military construction”, and Biden is committed to ensuring that American data will not be “abused” by Chinese enterprises. “The United States needs a comprehensive strategy and a more systematic approach to actually solve these problems.”.


Finally, pusaki said that she did not know when the United States would have more specific strategic details, but what she wanted to convey was the president’s overall strategy. “In the coming weeks, we will communicate and work with our partners and allies, Democrats and Republicans,” she repeated. Deal with the problem patiently.


In response to the new US government’s attitude toward China, foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a press conference on January 20 that China’s domestic and foreign policies and strategic intentions are open and transparent. China firmly follows the path of peaceful development and has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order. He called on the US side to take a correct view of China and Sino US relations, act in opposition to China, focus on cooperation, control differences, and push Sino US relations back to the right track.

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  • The White House press secretary used a word she hadn’t heard in a long time. She said President Biden would use “patience” in U.S.-China relations, while changing his tough policy toward China

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