SMIC responded to these 9 questions on November 12

SMIC yesterday disclosed its first three-quarter report since it was listed on the Sci-tech Innovation Board. In the first three quarters, it achieved a net profit of 3.08 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 168.6%; the third quarter net profit was 1.694 billion yuan, a record high. SMIC held a performance conference call today to respond to investors’ questions:

1. The company is currently operating normally. In the short term, US export controls will have a certain impact on the company but the impact is controllable;

2. Will continue to evaluate the impact of export controls and maintain active communication with the United States;

3. The company and suppliers actively sort out and find solutions;

4. The second generation of advanced process technology n+1 is steadily advancing, and is currently in small-scale trial production, and the product application is mainly high-performance computing;

5. The company’s research and development tasks this year have basically been completed;

6. The company only serves civilian end users and does not have any military end users;

7. The delivery of some American-made equipment and materials has been delayed;

8. The development of the company’s production capacity components or technology is not formulated for a single customer;

9. The Beijing factory project is still in the preparatory stage, and plans and exchanges are being made in various aspects. If there is substantial progress, it will be announced at any time.

Source: China Business News

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