Zhou Dafu’s nearly 50000 yuan bracelet and more than 7000 yuan were photographed

After the Oolong price incident on Apple’s official website, another brand was pulled out of wool, but this time it was gold! A few days ago, some users said that the official flagship store of zhoudafu Taobao had a “gold sale”! For the gold bracelet with a price of nearly 50000 yuan, the actual payment is only about 7000 yuan; for the Gold Pendant with a price of about 7500 yuan, the actual payment is about 1500 yuan. Customer service reply reporter said that the page price error, not the actual price, and will not ship, there will be follow-up specialist to deal with this matter. Gold bracelets are priced at nearly 50000 yuan in China’s zhoudafu online store. The bracelets are only sold for more than 7000 yuan. Recently, some users said that the gold price of zhoudafu Taobao’s official flagship store was on sale. For the gold bracelet (87.64g) with a price of nearly 50000 yuan, the actual payment is only 7455.7 yuan, which is equivalent to 85 yuan / g; for the Gold Pendant with a price of about 7500 yuan, the actual payment is about 1500 yuan. Source: the voice of the screenshot shows that the 2 tiktok gold bracelet chains are 87.41g and 87.64g respectively, and the total price is 6690.05 yuan and 7815.70 yuan respectively. After the discount meeting, the actual payment amount is 6380.05 yuan and 7455.7 yuan. In addition, the weight of a gold full Gold Pendant purchased by the user is 14.02g. After using the discount, the actual payment amount is 1559 yuan. It is worth mentioning that the three products purchased by the user also include 4380 yuan, 4980 yuan and 658 yuan respectively. The reporter of “daily economic news” visited

Zhou Dafu's nearly 50000 yuan bracelet and more than 7000 yuan were photographed

the official flagship store of Taobao of Zhou Dafu and found that the price of the same weight Bracelet purchased by the user is about 48000 yuan, even if the coupon purchase price is about 45000 yuan00. When the reporter tries to submit an order, the page prompts that the product is out of stock at present. The current price of the Gold Pendant of the same weight purchased by the user is 7479.1 yuan, and the price after receiving the coupon is 7247.8 yuan. Customer service response: page price error, will not ship gold sold as cabbage, really surprising, but more curious is that the user can receive the goods? When the reporter contacted the customer service of the store and asked if the product could still be purchased, the customer service responded: “the price of the page was wrong before, not the actual price.” The reporter once again asked whether the successful purchase of users will deliver goods, the other side said: “will not deliver goods, there will be follow-up specialist to deal with this matter.” Meanwhile, reporters found in the video review area of the above voice users, the user replied tiktok: “the small pendant purchased has been shipped.” It is worth noting that the price of gold per gram is only about 70 yuan if calculated according to the bracelet purchased by the above users. When the reporter asked the customer service about the current gold price, the other party replied: “as of 14:16 on Jan

 Zhou Dafu's nearly 50000 yuan bracelet and more than 7000 yuan were photographeduary 17, 2021, the inquired gold price is 495 yuan / g, excluding the labor cost, and the labor cost is displayed in the product title.” Photo source: screenshot of the official website of Zhou Dafu. The customer service also said that platinum, silver and K-gold products are not sold by gram weight, and the price displayed on the page is subject to the price (except for special styles such as customization and Pre-sale / reservation). Zujin is the highest purity of jewelry products according to the national standard, which means that its precious metal content is not less than 990 ‰. The latest national standard has removed the thousand dollar gold, so if there is no thousand dollar gold, the highest is the dollar gold. In fact, there have been many s  uch price Oolong incidents before. For example, apple, Jingdong, etc. have been involved in the incidents of being fleeced due to system pricing bugs. On December 23, 2020, a number of netizens reported that the current prices of Apple’s official website stores are very low, and 1000 yuan goods are priced at 100 yuan or 200 yuan, attracting many people to collect wool. In terms of the prices of these commodities with bug prices, many of them have dropped by 1000 yuan compared with the previous prices. For example, the normal price of Shure motiv mv88 digital stereo condenser microphone is 1288 yuan, but the bug price is 235 yuan; the normal price of ubtech Jimu astrobot cosmos robot kit is 1499 yuan, but the bug price is 149 yuan. Maybe Apple uses the same price system online and offline, and many netizens reflect that Apple stores have also successfully collected wool and bought related products at the “bug” price. Some people ordered 10 sets, some bought 100 or 200 sets, and others bought 999 sets. It is a common event that the trademark of electricity is wrong and the price of goods is wrong. Some stores will issue orders to users by mistake, which will help users to collect wool. However, some e-commerce companies will cancel the order, which is reasonable. Apple has made it clear in the relevant purchase terms that if it finds a pricing error, it will notify the user to cancel the order and give a full refund. It is reported that there were some errors in the price statistics on Apple’s official website at that time, but they were soon repaired, and some products related to the price Oolong have been taken off the shelves for protection. At the beginning of 2020, there was a mistake in the use rules of a 200 yuan coupon in Jingdong, and some low-cost small appliances could also be used, resulting in a large number of 200 yuan or so small appliances being swept away. Only one oven was ordered 240000 times, and the price was only 6 yuan. Jingdong lost as much as 70 million yuan. Subsequently, Jingdong responded to voice of China that due to the abnormal setting of relevant coupons for a short time, some customers encountered a mismatch between coupons and products after placing an order, and coupons were also applied to the products that were not applicable. In view of this situation, in line with the attitude of being responsible to consumers, the goods that have been delivered have not been dealt with properly at present, and the goods that have not been delivered and distributed will be sold The consumer understands and cancels the problem order. In addition, the loss of 70 million is false information. According to voice of China, Zhao Zhanzhan, deputy director of Zhilin law firm in Beijing, said that after consumers place an order, the sales contract between the two parties is established, and Jingdong should fulfill its obligations under the contract. However, if there is a major misunderstanding in the contract, JD can also apply for cancellation of the contract. Zhao Zhanzhan: “if Jingdong has evidence to prove the price or preferential scheme, it is wrong. Because of technical reasons or internal staff operation reasons, resulting in the wrong mark. In this case, it can cancel the contract on the basis of the major misunderstanding stipulated in the contract law. However, it is necessary to have evidence to prove that there is a serious misunderstanding, and at the same time, it is necessary to cancel the contract through a legitimate and legal way. “

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