The chairman injured the general manager

The chairman injured the general manager
The news that the chairman of the board of directors of the trust smashed the general manager shocked everyone.
According to China business daily, the incident happened around 17:00 on January 6. Dong Yongcheng, chairman of Huaxin trust, used the hammer and Wang Jin, general manager of the company, was injured.
Dong Yongcheng hit Wang Jin with a hammer in the elevator of an office building in Dalian, causing bleeding in the head and nose, the report quoted people familiar with the matter as saying. Later, Wang Jin was sent to the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University near Huaxin trust company for treatment. Wang Jin had 14 injuries all over her body, which was diagnosed as grade I minor injury. On January 7, she underwent skull repair surgery. At present, Dong Yongcheng has been detained in criminal custody.
On January 21, 2020, Wang Jincai was promoted to the post of general manager. She is a 53 year old woman. She is a 85 grade alumni of statistics School of Northeast University of Finance and economics. She has been engaged in the financial industry for more than 20 years. She once served as the general manager assistant and deputy general manager of Finance Department of Huaxin trust and the general manager, president assistant and vice president of financial management center / research and development center. She is now the president of Huaxin trust Executive vice president of the division.
Public information shows that Dong Yongcheng was appointed deputy director of the technical transformation Office of Dalian branch of ICBC in early years, and later transferred to the general manager of Dalian trust investment Limited by Share Ltd. In 2006, the chairman of the board of directors was appointed as the employee representative, and in the following year, the chairman was appointed by the largest shareholder.
What’s the grudge that makes a company chairman raise a cruel hammer to his colleagues who are also senior executives, and completely ignore the people’s emotion that has not yet recovered from the astonishment that the founder of Youzu network was poisoned by his colleagues? At present, Huaxin trust has not made a response.
The public opinion triggered by the incident further continued to ferment on major media platforms. It is generally speculated that the reason for the conflict may be that there are differences within the company on the disposal of bad products, or even to cover up some problems; it may also be that Wang Jin confessed to the regulatory authorities the illegal behaviors in operation. In addition, according to people familiar with the media, Dong Yongcheng, the hammer holder, recently had “mental state problems”, and people around him thought it was just “too much pressure leading to insomnia”.

It is reported that up to now, more than 20 projects of Huaxin trust are still in the process of being postponed or being postponed for the second time, with a capital gap of about 7 billion yuan.
As early as 2019, Huaxin trust was listed as one of the six high-risk trust companies by the CIRC. In August 2019, we media published an article to disclose that Huaxin trust was established in 1981, which is the only trust company in Liaoning Province. Its predecessor is Dalian trust and investment company of the people’s Bank of China. It has changed its name three times. In 2007, it changed from state-owned assets holding company to private holding company. However, its ownership structure is very complex, known as “the most mysterious trust company”.
The paper points out that there are 10 shareholders holding more than 2.5% of shares in Huaxin trust, and 16 shareholders holding 60% of shares in Huaxin Huitong group, with average equity. The controlling shareholder Haihan industry holds 11.59% of shares, and Xia Ziping, the suspected controller of Huaxin trust, holds only 6.5% of shares. Therefore, its controller has always been a mystery.
Since 2019, Huaxin trust has stepped on two listed companies, Dalian Friendship and * ST continent, and has been punished twice. In April, it was fined RMB 500000 for “improper post loan management, which led to the misappropriation of loan funds to financial institutions” and RMB 500000 for “using trust funds to purchase trust products issued by the company in the early stage through issuing trust loans”.

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  • Dong Yongcheng, as the legal representative and chairman of the board, was detained, the general manager was injured and hospitalized, and the changes in the core management level meant that Huaxin Trust needed to face a huge test.

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