Transaction volume broke another trillion

Transaction volume broke another trillion
The market continued to boom, with the turnover hitting 1.16 trillion yuan and the number of stocks rising by the daily limit exceeding 100, a scene last seen five months ago. Volume = hot spot, then the difficulty and open position cost-effective is very simple, the performance of the logic of the expected plate will be rotating performance, continue to hold to rise.


As for what time to pull back the end of the fall, first staring at the “flush index” look good, from 60 days, 120 average is still a certain distance, do not worry.

On the weekend, many brother were Shouting “bull market”, so today they all went to chase securities stocks to play, the results go against the trend to lose money, mountain brother visited the circle of public account, a lot of bloggers are not to step out of the sky is the financial sector to cheat. So, if the logic is wrong, the market has nothing to do with these people, a waste of market.

As I said last night, the aesthetics of the market’s main force is the core asset of the mainstream industry. Today, with the cooperation of volume and energy, China’s military stocks such as Ningde, Longji and Golden Arowana are directly chased by capital all the way up. Large institutions to buy large tickets to push positions, small funds to buy plate short – term stocks bo high proportion of benefits, each take what they need, take care of each other.

Transaction volume broke another trillion

Due to excessive volume today, the superposition of each index to the high standard, plus the rise of the Chinese military are dayang line, it seems that only do electronic display of the leading these two days did not move, so tomorrow A large probability for the market differentiation, to pay attention to avoid overheating in the day plate, at most two plates can carry the difference to continue the attack.

For example, the gold arowana in the figure above, whose starting trend is accelerating and has accumulated considerable increase, can be compared to pien Tze Huang in early September and Shanghai Silicon Industry in mid-July. Attention should be paid to short-term technical peak risks. Although the market is very good, but don’t inflation chase. The big ticket refreshes the high, does the plate low small ticket to make up, is the prudent strategy.

As a result of a lot of friends will not look at the dish, so today with the help of the market will tell two disk details.


Half an hour of early trading (including call bidding) is usually the daily golden period of trading.


What does it mean that yuyuan shares, rather than Founder Securities, received the most bids this morning? That means the focus of the market was on baijiu, not securities. Then the opening 2 minutes, founder securities from the limit of the price of 900 million capital to break open, pronounced that the financial sector is a large probability of day, so pay attention to avoid.


Near noon, the market actively volume, indicating that funds in the market to do long. Stimulated by the rise of middle-aged shares in the new energy car industry chains such as Ningde Era and Ganfeng Lithium, the short selling funds of The Yadhua CONVERTIBLE company finally realized that it shouldn’t be sold, so they picked it up and did long, and ended up +20%. Plate collective strong, weak stocks + market attention, then this is a good low absorption opportunity. This routine was also taught in Xin ‘an Shares on November 20.

If you can absorb it, it will work a lot better than paying to learn all those tricks. For tomorrow, First of all, I will avoid the new energy vehicle plate, today the whole vehicle, lithium battery collective explosion, do much consistency is too strong. Secondly, I will pay attention to whether the liquor sector can withstand the divergence and continue to do long, as well as whether the brokerage sector can exceed expectations to repair the reverse package (probability is small), and then the rare metal raw materials sector.

Over the weekend, I learned some logical opinions and fluctuation rules about the recent mainstream plate from a big guy. Based on the relationship of time, I will share them with you tomorrow.

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  • The three major A-share indexes maintained the volatile trend, and the turnover volume of the two cities again broke through one trillion yuan, exceeding one trillion yuan for the second consecutive day.

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