Who is responsible for being defrauded of 6 million yuan

Who is responsible for being defrauded of 6 million yuan
Celebrity rollover, regulatory overweight, live e-commerce industry is ushering in a “changing day”.
Due to the “bird’s nest” incident, the fast brother Kwai Simba and his 27 family anchors account for 15 days to 60 days. The Simba team is also involved in the “Live Room Telecom fraud” incident and is cooperating with the police investigation.
“When I was shopping in Simba studio, I was cheated by telecom. I was just cheated by more than 50000 people. The other party accurately told me my information, otherwise I would not believe him.” At 5:16 p.m. on November 27, Wang Ke (a pseudonym) rushed to the police station to call the police before leaving work on Friday.
Wang is a single mother who works in a winery. She was away from work that day, waiting for her 6-year-old son to finish school at 5:30 p.m. At about 3 p.m., she received an unknown phone call starting with 8787. As soon as she got through, the other party called out her name and said, “did you buy a cotton code sanitary napkin in Simba studio on August 19?”. After Wang Ke raised a question, the other party claimed to be the Taobao customer service that cooperated with Simba live broadcasting, and accurately said the price and order number of the purchased product, which won Wang Ke’s trust.
The other side said that because the interns are not skilled in inputting Wang Ke’s information into the member group, they can enjoy a 7-9% discount when they buy other products on Taobao. The service charges 800 yuan a month, and the night is the time to deduct the fees. Ask Wang Ke if he has deducted the fees and whether he needs to cancel the service. When Wang Ke confirms in a hurry that the fee has not been deducted and asks to cancel the membership, the other party will name several entrusted banks for Wang to choose from. After Wang Ke selected ICBC, the call was transferred to a customer service who claimed to be an employee of ICBC. The customer service said that it could help Wang Ke cancel the membership, but it was necessary to know in advance how many cards she had under her name and the balance.
After Wang Ke told the truth, the other party said that he could help cancel the membership, but he needed to let 800 yuan go through a process and then return it. Wang can transfer the money to the account provided by the other party as required, and soon receives 800 yuan from an unfamiliar account. At this time, the other party also said that in order to officially cancel the membership, Wang can transfer all the card funds under his name to another account provided by the government, and then return them all after cancellation. In this way, Wang can transfer 50824 yuan to the other party in three times.
“I’ve turned it all over. Has it been cancelled now?” When Wang Ke expresses this to the other party, the other party asks her to open the financial service on meituan app and tells her that the amount in it has to be empty, cajoling Wang Ke into handling the online loan process. When Wang Ke responded and asked the other party why he needed to apply for loan service and asked for the return of the transfer funds, the other party just repeatedly stressed that “if you don’t do as I said, how can I cancel the membership for you and how can I give you a refund?” and then hung up.
Wang Ke dials in the past again, what comes out is the prompt that did not open international long distance. Understand the cheated Wang can call meituan in a hurry to stop the loan service and call the police decisively.
Wang Ke told Caijing new media that according to her mobile phone number and bank card account number, the police found that it was an overseas account number, and the money had been transferred. Although the police had stopped paying, it was difficult to recover the money from such overseas telecom fraud.
She sighed, “now that I have no savings, I have to repay more than 2000 house loans every month. I dare not let my family know. Every day, a 6-year-old looks at me and cries. I’m sorry I shouldn’t believe him. Sometimes I just want to be at work that day. If only I didn’t get through to that phone. ”
Trust “customer service”, more than 80 people were cheated 6 million yuan
After Kwai tiktok, Wang could wait for a notice, and then leave messages on the Simba information through shaking, fast, and micro-blog. But she was surprised to find that the victim was far from her. Soon, other victims communicated with her in private letters. After online shopping in Simba live broadcasting room or Simba apprentice live broadcasting room, they encountered Telecom fraud. As soon as the phone was connected, the swindler directly told the consumer’s personal information to gain trust.
Caijing new media learned that victims like Wang Ke had set up a wechat group for information statistics after communicating on the network platform. As of December 25, 82 people had been cheated in the group alone, and the total amount of money cheated was as high as 6.4931 million yuan.
More than 80 people were cheated of 6 million yuan after online shopping in Simba studio (photo source: provided by victims)
These victims are distributed in Shandong, Heilongjiang, Hebei and other parts of the country. Most of the victims are Baoma, full-time housewives, ordinary wage earners or college students. The time of being cheated is concentrated in the middle and late November and early December. The amount of money cheated ranges from several thousand yuan to several hundred thousand yuan, of which the most is 511400 yuan. The defrauded funds include not only bank card deposits, but also the transfer fees after the online loan. Some victims are even cheated out of the amount of online loan platform due to no deposit, and they carry more than 100000 yuan loan during the internship period.
And the swindler’s routine is generally similar, that is, he pretends to be the customer service of Simba online store or the customer service of Taobao store he cooperates with. As soon as the phone is connected, he will accurately report the victim’s name, online shopping live room, product, price, order number, and even the receiving time and address. After gaining the victim’s trust, the other party uses telephone or QQ to lure the victim to transfer money or even make online loans by canceling membership, returning goods and settling claims.
Taking the “claim” routine as an example, Li Xin (a pseudonym) received a phone call on December 4 from the customer service of Xinxuan, claiming that the ingredients of a light transparent soft coke oil control make-up powder she bought in the Simba apprentice’s big beauty studio exceeded the standard, and paid a unified claim of 200 yuan. Then the other party asked her to open the Alipay reserve fund, saying that the 500 yuan reserve money displayed on the page was they transferred, and the more 300 yuan should be returned.
Alipay reserve fund is actually an emergency lending service launched by Alipay. It can be opened by the system assessment. The maximum amount is 500 yuan, and it can be used free of charge within 7 days. If you don’t return for more than 7 days, it will also affect the use of sesame, Huabei, jiebei and other products.
After Li Xin transferred 300 yuan to the other party according to the instructions, the other party, also known as the petty cash window, could not be closed, and there might be losses in the later period, which would affect the credit investigation. In order to forcibly close it, he needs to cooperate with them to do the flow. For each flow, the other party will send a progress statement through QQ to explain how much the program has been completed, and this can not be overtime. More than 300000 yuan of loans were taken from the other party’s platform, such as Libai and Libai. Li Xin recalled, “the swindler asked me to download these loan software at that time, saying that it was issued by their platform, and I didn’t need to pay it back. When the reserve fund was closed, these loans would be cleared automatically. What’s more terrible is that in the middle of the chat session, the swindler also asked me to open the page to share, so that I could watch my page remotely and guide my operation, and my brain would listen to him at that time. ”
More than 80 people were cheated of 6 million yuan after online shopping in Simba studio (photo source: provided by victims)
Zhu Jing, deputy director of Shanghai shiweili law firm, said in an interview with Caijing new media that the stolen money of fraud will be transferred many times in a few minutes, and each transfer will make the investigation more difficult. When the victim finds that he has been cheated, he needs to report to the police immediately, and contact the official payment platform to provide relevant alarm information and apply for freezing the fund, so as to have the possibility of recovering the loss.
Li Xin told Caijing new media that she called the police within an hour after being cheated. At present, almost all the victims in the group have gone to the police station to file a case first, but the replies they received are basically the same, “the possibility of recovery is not great”, “go back first and wait for news”. Many people have to face debt collection calls and text messages from online lending platforms every day.
Zhu Jing suggested, “if you are cheated to owe online loans, it is suggested that you do not negotiate repayment, inform the other party to sue you, and get a fair and reasonable result through the judgment of the court. If the other party has improper collection behavior, report to the police in time. “

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  • A man from Ogyong Province, Thailand, won 30 million baht (about 6 million yuan) in the mid-year lottery in 2015, but for the man who is not rich, life has become much worse after he won.

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