Trump refuses to sign stimulus bill

Financial Times: Trump’s refusal to sign the stimulus bill may cause the government to shut down

Trump, who is on vacation in Florida, has previously stated that he will veto the US$900 billion stimulus bill passed by the two parties in Congress unless he directly sends US$2,000 to each American.

Democrats attempted to amend the bill in Congress this week to increase the amount of direct payment to $2,000, but failed.

On Thursday, the bill was officially submitted to Trump.

The 900 billion bill is bundled with the US government’s 1.4 trillion comprehensive expenditure bill in 2021. If Trump does not sign the bill before midnight, the US government will face the possibility of suspension during the pandemic.


Reuters: Metal trading is soaring

On Thursday, the price of copper on the London Metal Exchange rose to its highest level since 2013, and other metals rose by 0.8% to 1.3%.

Due to the growth of Chinese demand and the government’s stimulus, investors are optimistic about metals, believing that demand will be strong next year, which will boost prices.

However, some analysts said that the introduction of the new crown vaccine will make China’s local mineral supply rebound, so next year China’s demand for metals will slow down, and therefore, next year’s metal prices will fall.


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