The first digital RMB insurance policy is here

The reporter learned from ZhongAn Insurance that in November this year, ZhongAn Insurance and China Construction Bank launched the cooperation of digital renminbi in online insurance scenarios. The first digital renminbi insurance policy was issued by consumers through the ZhongAn Insurance app. Enjoy the 2020 version of eHealth products.


ZhongAn Insurance said that some pilot users can use the ZhongAn Insurance APP to purchase the exclusive e-life 2020 version using digital RMB.

Recently, with the successful issuance of the first digital RMB insurance policy, ZhongAn Insurance successfully extended the application of digital renminbi to the insurance field, and helped the digital renminbi pilot wallet ecological construction through ZhongAn Insurance’s online insurance scenario advantages .

It is reported that since then, ZhongAn Insurance will continue to provide digital renminbi premium payment services for its main products, and will continue to conduct research and cooperation with China Construction Bank on the scenario-based application of digital renminbi in insurance.

Since the Shenzhen digital renminbi red envelope pilot in October this year, the digital renminbi online and offline scenarios are rapidly advancing. Banks, insurance, third-party payment institutions and other financial institutions have participated in the digital renminbi pilot work, and the application scenarios have become more diverse.

In December of this year, in addition to the four major banks of the Industrial and Agricultural China Construction, two state-owned major banks, the Bank of Communications and the Postal Savings Bank of China, were added to the pilot work of the digital renminbi in Suzhou. In addition, some third-party payment companies have also participated in the pilot work of Suzhou Digital RMB. There are nearly a thousand merchants participating in the Double Twelfth Festival in Suzhou, and payment methods include non-contact payment methods such as scan and touch (dual offline).

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