Demystifying the black property behind online fraud

Thinking that I met love around the corner on the Internet, I fell into the “slaughterhouse” of love.

Slaughter plate scams are not new, but victims still appear repeatedly. CCTV recently reported that in April this year, the Changzhou police in Jiangsu Province received an alarm. Ms. Wu said that her boyfriend she met on a dating website claimed to make money using digital currency, but was defrauded of 15 million yuan. After nearly half a year of investigation, the Changzhou police arrested the scam group not long ago. More than 370 cases were involved with a total value of about 120 million yuan. Another example is that the Qinbei Branch of the Qinzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau recently destroyed a telecommunications fraud gang that carried out fraud in the form of “killing pigs”, and the amount involved was as high as 3 million yuan.

Tencent 110 security operations expert Xiao Yu told China Business News that last year, there was no difference in the ratio of male and female victims of slaughter pans, but this year it has gradually tilted towards women. Nearly 70% of the whistleblowers of slaughter pan fraud are women, and most of the scammers are through marriage The platform and dating software find the target and accurately locate the victim. The chain of techniques is interlocking and the structure is complete. Among the various types of online fraud this year, the victims of the killing pig disk fraud suffered the most.

Slaughter disk fraud is just the tip of the iceberg of online fraud. Nowadays, the operation mode of Internet fraud is showing a trend of professionalization, corporatization, and chaining. Criminal methods have become more intelligent, and a complete chain of fine division of labor has gradually formed such as “malicious registration-drainage-fraud-money laundering”. .

The largest number of transactions fraud reports
Killing pigs scams the most money


If a “user profile” is given to reporters who have been scammed by internet fraud since the beginning of this year, one characteristic is that the overall is younger, mainly concentrated in the 20-29 years old. The main types of fraud they are deceived are transactions, rebates, and friends; and those over 40 years old The types of netizens who are vulnerable to deception are financial credit, counterfeiting, and low-price incentives.

Judging from the typical types of fraud with high incidence in 2020, the Spring Festival period in previous years is often the time when the online fraud rate is low, but this year due to the epidemic, related online fraud has shown an upward trend. From the data point of view, price bidding accounted for 78.1%, and epidemic fraud accounted for 27.4% (mainly referring to trading masks, fundraising fraud, epidemic material fraud, vaccine fraud, etc.). Masks became a necessity during the epidemic. Some people hoarded masks and received payment but did not ship them. Others lied about issuing epidemic prevention subsidies and sending false red envelope links to commit fraud.

According to Tencent’s data, as of 16:00 on March 24, the security team of Tencent Guardian Program assisted the national public security organs in arresting more than 4,000 suspects and cracking more than 10,000 cases in response to the epidemic-related fraud.

During the summer vacation in July and August this year, part-time fraud began to enter a period of high incidence. Because of its low threshold, wide audience, and simple operation, college students, mothers, and unemployed persons with relatively weak awareness of prevention have become the main targets of being deceived. Part-time job scams are particularly prominent in entry deposits and false orders. Defrauding trust with small profits has become the key to successful fraud. Therefore, there are threshold fees and advance payments are often frauds.

The type of fraud that has increased the most this year is rebate fraud. The September start of school season and the November online shopping carnival are time points for the high volume of reports. At the same time, the drainage of third-party platforms, including short videos, is another incentive for the growth of rebates. This type of scams are mainly based on money rebates and shopping rebates, with various methods. Most of the victims are post-00s and post-90s who like to chase stars and are the main group of online shopping.

In summarizing the new features of online fraud in 2020, Haiwen, an expert on the security team of Tencent Guardian Program, told a reporter from China Business News that one is to hire normal user accounts to participate in the fraud. For example, through “part-time crowdsourcing”, users are induced to block the production of normal WeChat groups, users are induced to spread drainage information, and users are induced to provide payment codes. For normal users, it may just be a part-time job, but it has become an “accomplice” of the black industry.

The second feature is that a variety of black products are linked to each other. Take Shayupan as an example. Its essence is a crowdsourcing mode of fraud. In addition to the “fisherman” who is responsible for the fraud, it also involves forging false links and APP developers, producers of fake QR codes that provide money laundering, and undertakings. The second scammers, account dealers, promoters, and related personnel on multiple platforms collude with each other, making it more difficult for users to prevent.

The third feature is that scam gangs upgrade new black and gray tools for crimes, including constantly changing virtual IP positioning to increase the difficulty of detection; using digital currency to launder money has also become the new favorite of the money laundering industry; draining part-time fraud, but also using AI phones. call. For example, technically speaking, fraud gangs can collectively use virtual IPs to locate malicious accounts in Kunming, and even match the two-dimensional code consumption records of merchants in Kunming, and mistakenly derive a gang map that committed crimes in Kunming to carry out fraud.Where is the difficulty?

Where the traffic is, the black birth will go. When short video platforms occupy more and more user hours, online black production has long been eyeing these platforms. For example, on the short video platform this year, incidents of fake Jin Dong and other impersonating celebrities have attracted much attention from the society.

This is actually a new feature of Internet fraud in recent years: long chain, cross-platform crime. Fraud gangs divide labor and collaborate, some of which are diversion on short video platforms or marriage and love platforms, and some of them will implement fraud on social platforms or online banking, and third-party payment platforms, as well as switching between online and offline scenes. Not long ago, Zhou Ran, director of the Douyin Security Center, told China Business News that this type of problem has led to the difficulty of obtaining evidence for online fraud and the difficulty of tracking.

Haiwen also mentioned that there is currently no established model for cooperation, and a major challenge is whether each company can establish mutual trust in black data.

In addition, the difficulties of online fraud also include issues such as intelligence and chaining.

Haiwen told CBN reporters that from the upstream black industry in fraud crimes, hot technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data have been used by criminals in all aspects of fraud. For example, black industry uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. Intelligent technology breaks through the verification code authentication system of Internet companies and so on. Especially since the development this year, the technology of criminals has been further optimized. In the first half of the year, Tencent supported the Ruokuai code platform that Sichuan Public Security cracked down. Criminals have used artificial intelligence + part of the manual method to break through the slider verification code; The platform jumps to the IP address at will, changes the terminal hardware characteristics to avoid police tracking, and so on.

From the perspective of the industrial division of fraud crimes, in the past online fraud cases, criminals often commit crimes in groups, know each other, and work together. However, in recent years, the upstream and downstream division of labor of criminals has become more refined and professional, and has gradually formed Starting from malicious registration, the entire black industry chain runs through the links of account maintenance, drainage, fraud, and money laundering. In this black industry chain, criminals do not even know each other, and the use of the Internet to provide services in the division of labor and cooperation has made the threshold for crimes lower and lower.

In order to block illegal transactions more effectively, Tenpay has established a Cassia risk control system platform for all-round prevention and control and cracking down on abnormal capital flows on WeChat payments. Based on the analysis of black property dynamics and fraudulent user behavior, it assists the police and Relevant government regulatory agencies crack down on cybercrime groups. In addition, WeChat Pay has also set up a special anti-fraud project to combat fraud in three links before, during and after the event. Taking transactions in the event as an example, in order to avoid user losses, WeChat may intervene in high-risk transfers based on its system assessment, and actively let users enter a certain period of cooling-off.

In a recent interview with China Business News, many platforms called for: At the industry level, as the diversion scenarios become more and more diversified, platform responsibilities should not be limited to one platform. Operators, Internet companies, financial institutions, etc. If we can carry out cross-platform coordinated operations and coordinated attacks with more organizations, we will better solve the problem of online fraud.

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