Wuyishan coins began to be exchanged

Wuyishan Coin is officially issued
Newly added binding version starts at 28 yuan

The Wuyishan ordinary commemorative coin issued this time has a denomination of 5 yuan, and the style continues the rounded square of the Taishan coin. The material is brass alloy. The number of issued is 120 million, of which 100 million are reserved for exchange (including historical currency archives) 10,000 pieces), and the number of binding sales is 20 million pieces. The reservation and exchange limit per person is 20.


According to reports, the Wuyishan coin is the first common commemorative coin issued by the People’s Bank of China after the reform of the common commemorative coin by the People’s Bank of China. It has increased the part of premium binding sales. In the issuance, the method of bidding was introduced for the first time.

According to reports, the Wuyishan coin bound version is divided into four types: single, double, 10, and 20, and the price ranges from 28 yuan to 498 yuan. At present, reservations are also required.

Wuyishan coin is popular
The price has tripled

The issuance of the Wuyishan coin has aroused the enthusiasm of many collectors. The 21st is the first day of open exchange to the public. Some coin enthusiasts have long been eager to go to the bank to line up for exchange.

CCTV Finance “First Time” column video

The reporter saw at a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China near Chegongzhuang in Beijing that it was approaching noon, and dozens of people lined up at the bank to exchange Wuyishan coins.

The reporter learned from the commemorative coin market that the price of the first “World Cultural and Natural Heritage” series of commemorative coins, the Taishan coin, has been soaring since its issuance last year. The current market price has risen to 18 yuan per coin, and the price of the Wuyishan coin is also rising. Although the exchange has just started, the market price has reached 15.5 yuan each, which is more than twice as high as the face value of 5 yuan.

Redemption is still in progress

According to the staff, the reservation rate for Wuyishan Coins is 100%, and the redemption time is from December 21 to December 27, 2020. Citizens who have made an appointment can bring a valid ID card at the appointed time and go to the reservation outlet for exchange. Hurry up~

And everyone should pay attention to these matters:

Redemption time: Make an appointment for redemption from December 21st to December 27th, 2020. 26-27th is the weekend. Some outlets may not be open. It is best to call for consultation.

How much is one: face value exchange, 5 yuan each, be sure to bring cash or ABC savings card! Agricultural Bank of China credit cards, Alipay, and WeChat are not acceptable.

Can the account be exchanged? No! The exchange must use the original second-generation valid ID, other certificates and expired ID cards are not acceptable.

Do I have to redeem on the agreed exchange day? At present, most areas can be exchanged as long as they are exchanged during the exchange period. However, the management of outlets in some areas is strict and even box coins cannot be exchanged.

Can I get it on my behalf? Each person can pick up 5 people on their behalf, plus 6 people in total. Remember to bring the original valid ID cards of the person who is on your behalf and the person you are on behalf of.

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