Imported fruits are snapped up! Have you realized the freedom of cherries?

Right now is the fruitful season for fruits in the southern hemisphere. At this time in previous years, imported fruits have begun to go on the market in large numbers.

However, affected by the epidemic, not only the types and quantities of imported fruits this year have been reduced, but the time to market is also nearly half a month late. This allows many buyers to “grab goods.”

Late arrival

Wholesalers snapped up imported cherries in the early morning


In the largest agricultural product wholesale market in Beijing, in the early morning, even though the temperature had dropped to minus 9 degrees Celsius, many buyers insisted on staying here. They are waiting for the first batch of Chilean cherries coming by sea this year.

Yu Miao is a buyer for a supermarket chain in Beijing. He said that since the year before last, imported cherries have become a star product among winter fruits. This year, affected by the epidemic, shipping cherries arrived nearly half a month later than in previous years. Therefore, this batch of goods today can be said to be long-awaited for buyers.

Yu Miao said that sometimes the goods are out of stock, because the air freight is not as large as the sea freight. In the morning, some cherries have been purchased by sea. We purchased four or five boards, one board is more than 190 pieces. Today there is only one cabinet in the market, and all of them must be finished.

The goods were small and the demand was high. After 15 minutes, this batch of sea cherries was sold out.

Yu Miao said that the market is a bit high, and I feel that the price has not come down. Anyway, the shipping company has just come up. I thought the price could come down, but now it seems that the price is still rising.

Wholesalers said that some time ago, the wholesale price of cherries transported by air reached 180 yuan per catty at the highest point. With the arrival of seaborne cherries, the current average price has dropped to about 50 yuan per catty, but it is still higher than the same period last year, which also makes many buyers afraid to purchase large quantities.

Imported fruit wholesaler Zhao Jinlong said that the quantity should be much smaller than last year, and we have been a lot more cautious about the purchase. The purchase quantity is 30%-40% less than last year. The price is not low. It is 20 or 30 yuan higher than last year.

Producing area direct mining E-commerce pre-sale

Sales volume and price of foreign fruits are rising

The price of imported cherries varies greatly depending on the size. Among the three grades of J, JJ, and JJJ, JJJ has the largest diameter and the most expensive one. Although the price of cherries this year is slightly higher than in previous years, consumers are still enthusiastic about buying. At the same time, major e-commerce companies have also stepped up stocking and pre-sales to seize the market.

In a supermarket in Beijing, the person in charge said that because of consumers’ preference for cherries, the store deliberately chose direct sourcing from the origin in advance to ensure a stable supply.

Liu Lichen, the manager of a supermarket in Beijing, said that the half-day sales of the store that arrived at noon yesterday were basically about 100 jin. It is estimated that the sales volume will be between 300 jin and 350 jin today, because the goods arrive later and the market is higher than last year. Taking the JJ level, it is now 69.9 yuan a catty, compared to more than 59 yuan in previous years.

Some consumers said that the main reason is that it tastes better than the product, and they will buy some during the New Year.

In addition to offline supermarkets, many e-commerce companies also opened pre-orders early. According to data from the e-commerce platform, in mid-November, the pre-sale of Chilean cherries increased by 220% over the same period last year.

An operator of fresh imported fruit on an e-commerce platform said: The shipping has not yet arrived, and JJJ-level cherries have been emptied. The user’s demand is very large. The largest number of imported fruits is cherries, followed by durian, blueberry and avocado .

According to industry insiders, with the increase in the variety of imported fruits and the gradual increase in the subsequent supply, it is expected that the price of imported fruits will gradually fall and is expected to reach the same period last year.

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