From leading to a win-win situation

From leading to a win-win situation, the six themed pavilions have made multiple efforts to join hands with brands to grow against the trend
At the meeting, Zhu Jiagui, Executive President of Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Group and general manager of the large operations center, said that behind Red Star Macalline’s 2020 results, it is inseparable from the co-creation and win-win situation of global home furnishing brands, and it is also another manifestation of industry synergy efficiency. . In 2021, Red Star Macalline will cooperate with global home furnishing brands to cultivate opportunities in the crisis and open a new game in the changing situation!

In 2020, in terms of market strategy, Red Star Macalline has a strategic layout covering the whole country through steady development of shopping malls; organizational structure upgrades, management echelon updates; home furnishing campaigns, boost the economy; marketing assistance, focus on operations; comprehensive upgrades of categories; Assisting new hot-selling brands, facing up to a series of measures such as consumption upgrades, has achieved multiple blossom effects such as offline shopping mall market coverage and excellent brand incubation. Among them, in terms of regional market coverage, as of now, Red Star Macalline has opened 466 stores in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and its operating area has soared to approximately 22 million square meters.

If the acceleration in 2020 is the result of a win-win situation between Red Star Macalline and all cooperative brands, behind it is the strength of Red Star Macalline’s six themed pavilions going hand in hand and showing strong strength.

In 2020, the six theme pavilions of Smart Electrical Appliances Pavilion, International Import Pavilion, Design Living Room, High-end Custom Pavilion, Soft Furnishing Pavilion, and System Door and Window Pavilion resisted the downward pressure and achieved breakthroughs from the regional market coverage and business area expansion. The number of category and brand investment invitations and other fields increased across the board.

In 2021, the six theme pavilions of Red Star Macalline will also intensively work in terms of operating area, marketing efficiency, regional benchmarking, operation management, etc., and continue to provide global home furnishing brands from traffic to sales, from products to brands, from regional markets to national markets. All-round empowerment.

Looking back at the results of the six theme pavilions of Red Star Macalline in 2020, we can find that both market coverage and operating area have achieved a qualitative leap, and as the service network of the six theme pavilions expands, these will become the future A powerful source of power to empower brand manufacturers.

The picture shows Chen Donghui, Executive President of Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Group and General Manager of New Retail Center, Assistant President of Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Group, Zhou Tianbo, COO of Red Star Macalline Decoration Industry Group, and Chen, Executive Vice President of Red Star Macalline IMP Smart Marketing Platform Yun, Zhao Lei, general manager of Beijing, Peng Yong, general manager of Tianjin

In addition to the release of the six theme pavilion strategies, at this summit, Red Star Macalline also specially released four new strategies, from cooperative brand marketing to new retail, from home improvement to the same city, and seeks to fully coordinate with global brand manufacturers to quickly seize 2021 home furnishing market commanding heights.

A new game in the changing game Red Star Macalline’s 5 new measures empower brands to run 2021

At this summit, Zhu Jiagui also officially announced to everyone the five new measures to empower the brand in 2021: strategic upgrade, brand category upgrade, No. 1 store upgrade, continuous upgrade of marketing services and upgrade of operation management, comprehensively assisting global home furnishing brands Looking for opportunities in business crisis, opening a new game in the changing game to start 2021.

Among them, in terms of strategic upgrades, Red Star Macalline will continue to promote the implementation of the “one body and two wings” strategy, that is, the integration of home improvement and home furnishing, online and offline integration, and is committed to continuously empowering the industry and brands by building a home furnishing ecological chain to provide consumers Bring a better and more convenient one-stop quality service experience.

In recent years, with the accelerated upgrading of national consumption, the traditional and inefficient home improvement procurement model has been unable to meet market demand. In this regard, in 2019, Red Star Macalline has begun to low-key layout in the home improvement market, and after a year of exploration, it has gained the market verification. As of the end of 2019, Red Star Macalline has opened 121 self-operated home improvement stores across the country. And this number is still rising rapidly during the epidemic, and the home improvement business has gradually become the second growth curve of Red Star Macalline.

At the same time, in terms of online and offline integration, Red Star Macalline has completed a comprehensive upgrade from the organizational structure, supply chain management, data center, operating platform, store + cloud store, 200,000 group buying expert cloud on-line, etc. A complete online and offline integration mechanism can empower brands to comprehensively improve their operating efficiency and achieve greater sales breakthroughs in terms of brand investment, supply chain management, digital operation, and omni-channel management.

In terms of brand category upgrades, in 2021, Red Star Macalline will create the company’s next growth curve by launching a three-year business plan, six new theme pavilions and two experience centers. Specifically, by focusing on core brands, optimizing regional brands, bidding farewell to homogeneity, embracing high-quality, high-tech, introducing integrated bedroom products with good matching, and gradually creating smart sleeping areas and other strategies, to empower more high-precision The leap-forward development of the sharp home brand.

Regarding the upgrade of the No. 1 store, we continue to recommend the strategy of one province, one benchmark shopping mall, and comprehensively build No. 1 stores in 33 regions in 2021.

Regarding the continuous upgrading of marketing services, we will continue to use measures such as CCTV live broadcast, online investment promotion, traffic manufacturing, effect betting, and three cities and five exhibitions: exhibition and store alliances to help brands drive digitally, improve efficiency and expand sales.

Picture: Cai Yuanchen, deputy general manager of the Audit and Supervision Center of Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Group, read the anti-fraud alliance proposal

Zhujiagui ..etc
Zhu Jiagui, Executive President of Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Group and General Manager of Large Operations Center, and representatives of home furnishing brands jointly launched the “Start Anti-Fraud Alliance”

Finally, in terms of operational management upgrades, in order to further promote the healthy and orderly development of the entire industry, Red Star Macalline joined forces with Man Wah Holdings, Mousse Group, Mona Lisa Group, Zhibang Home Furnishing, Shenyang Superior, and Shanghai Wopu 6 Well-known home furnishing brands jointly launched an anti-fraud alliance.

It is not difficult to find that although the market will experience changes in 2020, the Red Star Macalline co-brands still handed over a dazzling report card. Behind this is the persistence and innovation of Red Star Macalline for more than 30 years, and it is the achievement of the times. The common development of Red Star Macalline and the brand. In 2021, with the continuous advancement of the five new initiatives, Red Star Macalline and brand manufacturers are bound to continue their legends and create greater possibilities, which will be the biggest attraction.

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