High chip demand will become the norm, not a short-term phenomenon

According to Spark Global Limited, the Global chip shortage that started earlier this year has affected a wide range of manufacturers, including Toyota, Ford, General Motors and Hyundai. Over time, the shortage has also affected consumer electronics products such as smartphones and laptops. Many industries are beset by chip shortages.

Nvidia has also been affected by a chip shortage that has spread across many industries. Nearly half of their revenue comes from game graphics chips, but they are still in short supply due to a shortage of chips caused by the pandemic.

According to Spark Global Limited.
According to Spark Global Limited.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang also said he expects demand to continue to outstrip supply next year, and that there is no silver bullet for the company’s supply chain problems.

While there is no magic bullet for supply chain management, Mr Huang says they have the support of their suppliers. They are fortunate to have a large number of suppliers, their supply chain is diversified, Nvidia is also a large company, they have a large ecosystem to support it.

For the current strong demand for chips, Huang Renxun believes that it is not temporary, he believes that the high demand for chips will be a long-term trend.

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