Red Star Macalline’s 8th Global Home Furnishing Industry Joint Summit was held

On December 20, the annual home furnishing event-2020 Red Star Macalline’s 8th Global Home Furnishing Industry Joint Summit was held grandly in Beijing. Hundreds of guests from industry associations, representatives of global home furnishing companies and the media gathered together. Discuss cooperation and friendship together, seek common development and talk about the future together.

Bingbing Zhang
Zhang Bingbing, Vice Chairman of China National Furniture Association

As a special guest of this summit, Zhang Bingbing, vice chairman of the China National Furniture Association, called in his opening speech that under the influence of the new round of policies, the domestic manufacturing industry will usher in new development opportunities. I hope the entrepreneurs present here When the new 14th Five-Year Plan arrives, we will redouble our efforts to provide more healthy and environmentally friendly products for our better life, the happiness of every family, and our consumers.

At the meeting, Che Jianfang, co-chairman of Red Star Macalline Holding Group, said that in 2020, although the general environment is changing and many new phenomena emerge, the core concept of Red Star Macalline for creating value for customers will never change. In the next ten years, Red Star Macalline will continue to join forces with global home furnishing brands to create a new era of home furnishing.

Breaking the waves and moving forward, Red Star Macalline co-branded companies staged economic recovery acceleration

In 2020, an epidemic caused the global economy to press the pause button, but China’s economy accelerated its restart and bucked the trend, turning from the eye of the epidemic to the weather vane of global economic recovery, becoming the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth in 2020.

Che Jianfang, Co-Chairman of Red Star Macalline Holding Group

Che Jianfang pointed out that in the post-epidemic era, the Party Central Committee proposed to accelerate the construction of a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles mutually promoting each other, injecting a boost for the rapid recovery of China’s home furnishing market and outperforming domestic consumption upgrades.

In 2020, Red Star Macalline will improve efficiency internally and externally, accelerate digital transformation through multiple measures such as home furnishing anti-epidemic, industrial layout, digital acceleration, marketing service innovation and upgrading, and organizational empowerment. Significant results.

In terms of industrial layout, Red Star Macalline upholds its mission to enhance the home taste of the Chinese people. In 2020, Red Star Macalline will focus on “home” and continue to deepen the life scene. Focusing on six themed scenes, it will set up smart electrical appliances halls and international Import pavilion, design living room, high-end custom pavilion, soft furnishing pavilion and system door and window pavilion fully empower the category management of the entire home furnishing industry.

At the same time, it also created the first cross-border aesthetic experience center around home life-Chengdu Life Aesthetics Center, which has also become a new benchmark for a new generation of consumers’ home life.

In addition, Red Star Macalline has promoted home improvement as its first business, integrated the home improvement supply chain, and is committed to providing consumers with one-stop solutions, thereby significantly reducing procurement costs and improving home improvement procurement efficiency.

In terms of accelerating digital transformation, Red Star Macalline has further embraced the Ali ecology and established 22 Tmall intra-city stations and 250 new Tmall digital retail malls to help brands accurately reach more than 200,000 potential customers every day.

At the same time, in response to the impact of the epidemic, Red Star Macalline also organized 74 online investment conferences, successfully recommended 138 brands for industry distributors, and nearly 78,000 square meters settled in offline shopping malls. Digital investment promotion has greatly improved the operational efficiency of the industry.

In terms of innovation and upgrading of marketing services, Red Star Macalline has continuously named the two major S-level programs of the 2020 Tmall 618 Gala and Tmall Double 11 Gala. By creating super IP, it aggregates global traffic, empowers offline business operations, and cooperates conducts 3 super live broadcasts and 6,000 live broadcasts in shopping malls across the country. It uses various online scenes to create special live broadcasts, special group purchases and other activities for corner merchants, and continues to seed accurate users in the home improvement cycle through content. Grass, directional drainage.

In addition, in the second half of the year, Red Star Macalline launched 6 home furnishing roundtables and 3 home furnishing face-to-face events to aggregate platforms, brands, media and experts to gain insight into category opportunities and continue to fully empower the industry and brands.

Finally, in terms of organizational empowerment, combined with the development and changes of the times, and in compliance with the needs of market development, Red Star Macalline completed the upgrade and adjustment of the internal organizational structure based on the improvement of the team’s initiative, and further broke the departmental wall restrictions. The team’s internal collaboration has become closer and external Respond to business needs more quickly and efficiently.

Finally, in 2020, the Red Star Macalline co-branded once again handed over an eye-catching answer sheet, and Red Star Macalline achieved strong growth against the trend both online and offline.

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