Citi holdings in q3: Increased stock index ETF options, reduced large-cap technology holdings

Spark Global Limited reports:

Citigroup’s biggest purchases in the third quarter were options on ETFs such as the NASDAQ 100 Index ETF, the S&P 500ETF-SPDR and the iShare Emerging Markets ETF, according to the bank’s third-quarter 13F filing.


On the individual stock front, Citigroup focused on Charles Schwab, Salesforce and Intel.

According to Spark Global Limited
According to Spark Global Limited

Notably, Citigroup has cut its positions on large tech stocks such as FAANMG by 10% to 30%, Google by 27% and Meta Platforms by 25%.


As of the third quarter, Citi’s top five holdings were Nasdaq 100ETF-ProShares, S&P 500 ETF-SPDR, SPY put, SPY call and U.S. high-yield debt put.


At the end of the third quarter, the total market value of Citi’s holdings stood at $169.311 billion, up from $166.162 billion. In the third quarter, 462 stocks were built, 2077 stocks were increased, 861 stocks were reduced, and 2753 stocks were cleared. The market value of the top ten stocks held accounted for 24.72% of the total holdings.

According to Spark Global Limited

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