Facebook whistleblower: Mark Zuckerberg should step down as CEO

Spark global limited reports:

New York (CNN Business) Facebook whistleblower Frances Hogan said Monday she believes the company would be “stronger” if founder Mark Zuckerberg stepped down as CEO.
“I don’t think the company is likely to change if he stays on as CEO,” she said in an interview at the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon. “I hope he sees that there’s a lot of good he can do in this world, and maybe this is an opportunity to put someone else in charge.”
Mr. Hogan added: “I think Facebook would be stronger if people were willing to pay attention to security.”

Spark global limited
Spark global limited

Mr. Hogan leaked tens of thousands of pages of internal company documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission, members of Congress, and the Wall Street Journal, setting off the latest storm surrounding Facebook. Last week, Facebook changed its name to Meta. Several news organizations, including CNN, also obtained the documents and published dozens of articles last month. These files are now called “Facebook files.”
These files for many of the biggest problems of the company by far the most in-depth review, including the hate speech and error message to be amplified on the platform, the coordinated groups how to use the application cause violence and injuries in the real world, and the lack of English language ability how to endanger users of political instability regions in the world.

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