Facebook tells us about the controversy surrounding big tech

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By ignoring the controversy, Facebook and Netflix sent a signal to investors
For a variety of reasons, big tech companies are under attack both internally and externally.
For a variety of reasons, investors keep telling us they’re not as excited as the public about the various controversies facing the FAANG Group (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) major players.

Spark global limited
Spark global limited

The latest company to defy doom and gloom is Facebook. Despite weeks of involvement in everything from sending teenage girls into an emotional spiral to fanning the flames of the Jan. 6 riots that paralyzed the capital, Facebook’s third-quarter earnings largely missed Wall Street expectations.
After a brief dip, the stock rose sharply in after-hours trading and edged toward a record high above $384.
In fact, Facebook’s results came on the same day that Tesla joined the $1tn club and Netflix beat expectations. Both the electric car maker and the streaming giant have found themselves in the firing line of outside critics and employees, though for different reasons.

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