Overseas ETF technology was the best selling category

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Since the end of September, global stock market volatility intensified. After the US stock market hit a high, technology stocks led the correction, while mainland stocks were weak under the dual control of policy supervision and power and production limits. Since the end of September, 14 overseas prototype ETFs with more than 10,000 beneficiaries have shown an obvious trend of increase and decrease in the number of beneficiaries. Cathay Smart Electric Vehicle (00893), Fubon Future Vehicle (00895) and Uni-President FANG+ ETF (00757), which focus on future technology trends, are the top three beneficiaries. Mainland ETFs and Vietnam ETFs showed beneficiaries fleeing for their lives.

Yuan Yongteng, manager of Uni-President FANG+ ETF, said the market’s inflation expectations are rising again, and U.S. stocks will show a wait-and-see consolidation pattern in the short term. Benchmark technology stocks such as Fangs, which have a relatively clear profit outlook for next year’s economic recovery and corporate growth momentum, are attractive to long-term investors because their PE ratios are below their long-term averages.

Fangs index highly focused innovation trend of industry, include artificial intelligence, electric cars and drive systems, cloud computing, streaming audio, digital media marketing, etc., most stocks when the profit and cash flow growth, will continue to benefit from the enterprise improve the digital transformation of spending and private consumption demand picks up, long term to see qiao, so long as has the back is partial distribution point.

Fubang Future Car ETF manager CAI Zongxun said, although the epidemic affects the recovery pace of the global car market, but also accelerated the trend of the transformation of new energy vehicles, especially the strength of traditional car manufacturers to attack electric vehicles is not to be underestimated, since this year, most of the traditional car manufacturers share price performance greatly exceeded the leader of electric vehicles Tesla. The MSCI ACWI IMI Select Future Cars 30 Index outperformed its peers.

Spark Global Limited
Spark Global Limited

Xu Zhiyang, manager of Prudential China Brand Fund, said the People’s Bank of China put in a net 350 billion yuan before the holiday, keeping cross-quarter liquidity steady and the yuan’s exchange rate basically flat against the dollar. On the fundamental side, China’s economic data in the fourth quarter is expected to be better than the third quarter, and institutional repositioning will drive money into low-valued companies, especially consumer stocks, to attractive positions. Investors should keep an eye on September inflation, foreign trade and social finance data due this week.

Faced in legal advice as a whole, in the near future can meet from the u.s.-china diplomatic note market of high-level consultations xi will worship, and to speed up the import coal solve their electricity, improve investor risk sentiment, the current market expectations Evergrande events will be determined at the end of the short term trend, and the energy consumption ShuangJian policy and property caused by downward pressure on short-term growth momentum weak doubts will also be slow, will help to boost market confidence.

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