Trump is carrying 400 million US dollars in debt

Judicial refusal to intervene

Trump has been reluctant to accept the fact that he lost the election. He has continuously filed lawsuits in major swing states and has repeatedly claimed election fraud. On December 7, he also told reporters, “You will see many big things happen next.”

The major issue that Trump refers to is the four swing state election fraud appeals filed by Texas Attorney General Paxton to the Federal Supreme Court, including Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, which should be considered Is invalid. In the lawsuit, Paston pointed out that because of the electoral practices of these four states, the effect of the electoral votes in Texas was diluted, so the judge was required to deny a total of 62 electors from these four states to vote. Paston is a close ally of Trump. He can directly call the White House to talk to Trump at any time. This proposal was also supported by 17 other state attorneys general and 126 Republican congressmen. However, Paston’s use of power to make Trump’s turnaround failed has brought new shadows to his own political career.

In the statement dismissed by the Supreme Court, the judge pointed out that Texas has no right to give pointers to the election process in other states. The accused four swing states also fought back and pointed out that the Texas lawsuit was an attempt to involve the Supreme Court in political disputes in an unimaginable way.

Trump later criticized on social media, “The Supreme Court really disappointed us, without wisdom and courage.”


Trump’s refusal to accept that the election results affect the supporters’ suspicion of the electoral system. Although the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the United States continues to hit new highs, thousands of Trump supporters who refused to wear masks still poured into Washington from all over the United States on December 12 to protest again against the election results, accusing Biden of stealing the election.

Ruth, 58, who participated in the march from California to the capital, told the media, “If President Trump and Vice President Pence accept the election results, then we will accept it.” Other supporters from Michigan and other Midwestern regions They drove for nearly 10 hours to participate in the protests in Washington. They said that as long as Trump is still fighting, they will continue to fight. “We will not give in,” Dumit, a 33-year-old aircraft maintenance worker, told American media.

Michael Steele, the former national chairman of the Republican Party, criticized that the actions of the 126 members of the House of Representatives who supported Trump’s Supreme Court lawsuit not only violated the spirit of the Constitution, but also left a taint “will be the result of these 126 members. It will not be erased from my political skin (career) for a long time in the future.”

Richard Hasen, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, pointed out worryingly that although Trump’s approach failed to achieve its goal, the ultimate price was the trust of Trump’s supporters in the democratic system. “This approach does not achieve its goal. This will not cause harm.”

The officially-elected Biden delivered a speech after the completion of the procedure. He responded to Trump’s false accusations over the past few weeks. It was completely against conscience and emphasized that no election official should be pressured because of Trump’s false accusations. But he also called on American voters to maintain confidence in the electoral system. He pointed out that this election confirmed Americans’ enthusiasm for the pursuit of democracy. “In the United States, politicians do not gain power, but are granted power by the people.”

Lawsuit after leaving office

One of the main reasons Trump is afraid of leaving office is the debts and lawsuits he faces after leaving office. According to US media statistics, he will have 400 million US dollars in debt due in the next four years, which does not include a large number of legal case costs. What’s more troublesome is the prosecutor’s investigation into his campaign camp, real estate business, and personal behavior. Once guilty, the heaviest penalty will include imprisonment.

Trump’s personal lawyer, Cohen, admitted in 2018 that in 2016, he paid Trump’s campaign money before the election of $130,000 to an adult film actor who was suspected of having an extramarital affair with Trump. The Attorney for the Southern District of New York in the case did not further prosecute Trump.

However, as Trump is about to step down, two prosecutors in New York have reopened the old case to review Trump’s personal finances and possible wrongdoing. Court documents show that the District Attorney in Manhattan, New York, Cy Vance is investigating the Trump Organization’s fraudulent operating revenues and expenditures, insurance, and taxation. When Cohen pleaded guilty, he pointed out that the Trump Organization requires two figures for turnover, a higher number for bank loans, and a lower number for tax returns.

Vance’s office has applied for access to Trump’s tax materials, but Trump’s team of lawyers appealed to the Federal Supreme Court, requesting the Supreme Court to dismiss the prosecutor’s power to subpoena information. Falsifying business records is a federal crime, and offenders may face up to one year in prison, but most cases are fined.

Personally, Trump has never disclosed his tax returns. Records obtained by the New York Times show that Trump has not filed federal income tax for at least 10 years, and he paid $750 for the other two years.

Another investigation is led by New York State Attorney General James (Letitia James), who is investigating four land development cases of the Trump Organization and the unfinished case of the Buffalo, the professional football team Trump sought to acquire.

Trump’s attack on two New York prosecutors for his investigation was a political pursuit, but lawyers familiar with the style of the two prosecutors pointed out that unless they have a basic certainty, they will not waste time on investigations that cannot be filed.

The lawsuits that Trump faces are not only there, but at least two women’s cases of accusing Trump of sexual assault on them are also ongoing. These two cases will also re-enter the judicial process as Trump loses the presidential umbrella.

Columnist Jean Carroll stated in a book published in 2019 that Trump raped her in the locker room of a department store 20 years ago. Trump denied the accusation and said Carroll was not his type. He also stated that Carol falsely accused him of promoting her novel, and Carol sued Trump. The US Department of Justice once moved the case from the state level to the federal level under Trump’s order, but the practice was rejected by a judge in October, and Trump, who will step down, may need to cooperate in court.

Another case is Zevos, a contestant who participated in Trump’s show “Who is the successor”, and she also filed a harassment lawsuit against Trump. Zevos pointed out that Trump grabbed her breasts and kissed her without consent. Trump denied the allegations and indicated his willingness to testify, but his lawyers have postponed testimony through procedures.

As Trump’s retirement date approaches, whether he has the right to amnesty himself has once again become a focus of debate. Trump once implied that he has the right to amnesty himself, but there is no precedent in American history. Legal experts generally believe that the president’s amnesty power does not apply to him.

Michigan State University Constitution and Presidential Authority expert Brian Kalt published an article on this issue in 2008. He pointed out to the Caijing reporter that the constitution does not expressly prohibit the president from pardoning himself, but this does not mean that amnesty is legal. Under the spirit that self-judgment is not allowed in the basic principles and framework of American law, self-amnesty should also be regarded as having no legal effect.

The Democratic Party disagrees with Trump’s view that he can amnesty himself, and emphasizes that “you are not a king.” Other legal experts pointed out that another amnesty may be that Trump resigned the day before leaving office and allowed the successor Vice President Pence to amnesty him. However, the outside world believes that Trump is willing to leave early.

Trump did not comment on the electors’ vote to confirm Biden’s election until the evening of December 14, until midnight Eastern Time, he once again accused the election machine of falsifying election results on Twitter. Whether he will accept the defeat is still unknown. At the White House press conference at the end of November, he once let go. If the elector elects Biden, he will leave the White House. However, he also reiterated that the election was subject to a lot of fraud. A lot more will happen between now and January 20.”

When the electors were asked whether they would attend Biden’s inauguration on the weekend before the vote, Trump stated that he did not want to discuss the issue. Trump has repeatedly told his staff after the election that he will announce his participation in the 2024 presidential election before the end of the year, but this possibility seems to be gradually diminishing.

Indiana State University professor Charles emphasized to the Caijing reporter that in order to maintain his support, Trump needs to be active and angry. “So I think he will do his best to continue to be a hot news topic in the foreseeable future. “Former Republican National Chairman Michael also holds a similar view. Trump “will continue to consume (the Republican Party) for himself and his crazy consumption.”

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