The charts that matter: gold and bitcoin both slide

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Gold and its modern counterpart, bitcoin, both sold off this week. Here’s what’s happened to the charts that matter most to the global economy.

This week on the cover of the magazine, we take a look at the lorry-driver shortage, explaining where all the drivers have gone, what the consequences are, and what it means for your money.

And our main investment feature this week is on the power of the “grey pound” – how to invest as the world’s population ages. Matthew Partridge picks some of the best ways for you to profit.

This week’s “Too Embarrassed To Ask” video explains what “stagflation” is (a nasty combination of economic stagnation and inflation which might be rapidly becoming more pertinent today)

And in this week’s podcast, Merryn’s joined by Anna Macdonald of Amati Global Investors. She has a particular passion for UK small-cap stocks, and explains to Merryn just how she goes about finding the companies that she hopes will be the blue-chip stocks of tomorrow.

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Now for the charts of the week.

The charts that matter

Gold sold off after a spike at the end of the previous week.

(Gold: three months)

The US dollar index (DXY – a measure of the strength of the dollar against a basket of the currencies of its major trading partners) halted its decline.

(DXY: three months)

The Chinese yuan (or renminbi) again saw very little action (when the red line is rising, the dollar is strengthening while the yuan is weakening).

(Chinese yuan to the US dollar: since 25 Jun 2019)

The yield on the ten-year US government bond ended the week more or less where it started, after an earlier sharp rise was reversed.

(Ten-year US Treasury yield: three months)

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