Apple shares hit another record high

On July 17, US stocks closed on Monday. Apple Rose 1.35% to close at US $151.12 per share, with a record share price and a market value of nearly US $2.5 trillion.

On the same day, Alibaba, a Chinese concept stock listed in the United States, closed at $182.71 per share, with a total market value of $496.6 billion. From this point of view, Apple’s current market value is more than that of five Alibaba( AI finance and Economics (summer)

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IPhone 13 is coming! Little bangs, 1TB storage space… What are the highlights of Apple’s autumn press conference?

Less than a month away from the new Apple autumn new product launch (September 14), what are the expected places for the upcoming new devices?

Apple usually implements a strict confidentiality plan for new devices that have not yet been released, but generally speaking, with the new product launch approaching, more news comes from the supply chain and other links. The following is a summary of market rumors sorted out by Wall Street.

Smaller bangs, higher brush screen

Small bangs, A15, 120Hz and 1TB are the key words of the new iPhone.

The iPhone 13 will continue to use the bangs design, but the module area will be greatly reduced. At the same time, the Pro Model of iPhone 13 series will use a 120Hz high refresh rate OLED screen, which is twice as high as the previous 60Hz refresh rate.

Although Apple has already used 120Hz on the iPad, it has not adopted the high brush strategy on the mobile phone, which is much behind the Android camp. It is expected that the iPhone 13 Pro will stimulate the replacement demand of more old apple users and even Android users.

It is expected that the iPhone 13 will introduce portrait mode in video shooting and add a new filter function to the camera.

In addition, the video will be recorded in a higher quality format – prores.

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