Huge lifting of the ban on 230 billion lithium power bull shares

On August 16, Enjie, as the “leader of lithium battery diaphragm industry”, will usher in a huge lifting of the ban, with a market value of 63.826 billion yuan. In the face of Monday’s opening, the 40000 shareholders of Enjie shares couldn’t sit still. Some investors said, “the huge limit seal on Monday has been determined.”

In addition, this week (August 16 to August 20), 33 stocks will face the lifting of the ban, with a total market value of 129.987 billion yuan. Specifically, in addition to Enjie shares, Huaibei mining, Xinyuan shares-u and Longteng optoelectronics rank among the top in the lifting market value.

Enjie shares will usher in a huge lifting of the ban

Shareholders with fixed growth in three years made nearly 1700%

On August 16, Enjie shares will be lifted in large quantities. 246 million shares placed by private placement institutions will be lifted and listed on Monday, with a market value of 63.826 billion yuan.

It is understood that the predecessor of Enjie shares is innovation shares, which is mainly engaged in packaging, decoration and other printed matter printing. It landed in the A-share market in 2016. In May 2017, innovation shares acquired 90.08% equity of Shanghai Enjie by issuing shares, officially entering the field of lithium battery isolation membrane.

It is worth noting that the listed company announced the completion of a fixed increase in August 2018. Innovation shares planned to issue a total of 201000 shares to the counterparty to acquire 90.08% of the equity of Shanghai Enjie. At that time, the fixed increase issue price was 24.87 yuan / share,

According to the announcement, the issuance objects of the fixed increase project are 21 shareholders such as Paul Xiaoming Lee, Li Xiaohua, Wang Yuhua and Huachen investment. In terms of the regular arrangement of share lock, Enjie pointed out that the consideration shares obtained through this transaction shall not be listed, traded or transferred within 36 months from the date when the shares are registered in its name.

Statistics show that among the 246 million shares lifted by Enjie shares next week, Paul Xiaoming Lee has the largest number of shares lifted, with a market value of 10.74 billion yuan. In addition, the market value of Li Xiaohua’s lifting of the ban also exceeded 10 billion, and the number of shares lifted was 41.0787 million. Among the 21 shareholders, 15 have lifted the ban with a market value of more than 140 million yuan, and the corresponding number of shares is considerable.

As of June 15, Paul Xiaoming Lee and Li Xiaohua were the first and fifth largest shareholders of Enjie shares respectively. Paul Xiaoming Lee and Li Xiaohua are brothers.

Enjie shares, as a hot lithium concept stock in a shares, have soared in recent years. As of August 13, Enjie shares reported 259 yuan, with a total market value of 230.9 billion yuan, an increase of about 83% during the year. For a long time, the stock has risen by more than 934% in recent three years.

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