Gem index opened 0.31% lower

The three major A-share indexes collectively opened low, with the Shanghai index opening low by 0.08%, the Shenzhen Composite Index opening low by 0.06% and the gem index opening low by 0.31%. On the disk, coal, steel, nonferrous metals and other sectors led, Baijiu, seed industry, food processing and other plates led.

Salt Lake shares fell 5.29% at the opening, resumed listing yesterday and closed up 306%. The dragon and tiger list shows that the two institutions bought more than 1.4 billion yuan; Meanwhile, Salt Lake shares are now a block transaction with a discount of 76%, and analysts say they may pay financial advisory fees with high discount stocks.

This morning, the Hang Seng index opened 0.43% lower and the Hang Seng technology index fell 0.47%. Pharmaceutical stocks fell“ “Evergrande series” continued yesterday’s rise, with Evergrande property and China Evergrande up more than 4%.

U.S. stocks closed mixed on Tuesday, with the Dow up 0.46%, the S & P 500 up 0.10%, all record highs, and the NASDAQ down 0.49%.

Market news:

1. Ministry of housing and urban rural development solicits opinions: preventing large-scale demolition and construction in the implementation of urban renewal action

The Ministry of housing and urban rural development plans to issue documents to prevent large-scale demolition and construction in the implementation of urban renewal. The draft for comments proposed that, except for illegal buildings and those identified as dangerous buildings, the current buildings should be demolished on a small scale and in pieces; In addition to the construction of necessary public service facilities, the construction scale is not large; The small-scale and short-term demolition of urban villages and other urban contiguous old areas has led to the imbalance between supply and demand in the housing rental market.

2. China will formulate hydrogen energy development strategy, and hydrogen internal combustion engine is expected to be included in it for support

The Ministry of industry and information technology will actively cooperate with relevant departments to formulate hydrogen energy development strategy, research and promote the inclusion of hydrogen internal combustion engine. According to the technical progress and application promotion of hydrogen engine, the Ministry of industry and information technology will further evaluate the adaptability and differences of the current standard system, arrange the pre research of relevant standards in advance, timely promote the formulation of urgently needed standards, and effectively support the scientific and rational development of hydrogen vehicles.

3. Passenger Federation: in July, the retail sales of passenger cars reached 1.5 million, a year-on-year decrease of 6.2%,

According to the data of the Federation of passenger cars, the retail sales of the passenger car market reached 1.5 million in July, a year-on-year decrease of 6.2% and a month on month decrease of 4.9%. Among them, the retail sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles was 222000, a year-on-year increase of 169.4% and a month on month decrease of 3.2%. Looking forward to the second half of the year, the car market will decline slightly on the basis of high base, and the strong momentum of new energy in the car market will continue in the second half of the year. After the resumption of chip supply, the objectives of manufacturers in the field of cars will be greatly improved, especially the competition of mainstream joint venture brands will be more intense.

4. The U.S. Senate approved a $1 trillion infrastructure bill

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate voted 69 to 30 to approve the $1 trillion draft cross-party base establishment law, which includes $550 billion in new infrastructure funding.

5. The Education Steering Committee of the State Council will establish a semi monthly notification system for the implementation of the “double reduction” in all localities

According to the Ministry of education, in order to urge all localities to earnestly implement the “opinions on further reducing the homework burden and after-school training burden of students in the stage of compulsory education” issued by the central office and the State Council office, the office of the Education Steering Committee of the State Council recently issued a special notice to inform each province of the implementation progress of the “double reduction” work every half a month.

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